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    Philips Saeco

    Espresso machine descaler


    Philips Saeco Espresso machine descaler


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    Espresso machine descaler

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    Perfect protection for your espresso machine

    Prolonges your machine lifetime

    • 2 descaling cycles

    Maintains the coffee taste over time as in your first cup

    Regular maintenance of your espresso ensures the best taste and aroma from your Saeco espresso machine

    Ensures the coffee temperature is right for enhanced taste

    The decalcifier removes limescale residues in the water cycle that would absorb heat from the boiler, therefore lowering your coffee temperature.

    Exclusive formula for safe and gentle decalcification

    The exclusive formula of the Philips Saeco espresso machine decalcifier ensures thorough decalcification without harming the delicate parts inside your appliance.

    Protects your system against limescale build-up

    Limescale is a natural part of water used for the machine's operation. This special decalcifier protects your appliance from the build-up of limescale which affects performance and taste. It is highly effective, safe and easy to use.

    Perfect decalcification for a prolonged machine lifetime

    The Philips Saeco decalcifier cleans all the water circuits in your espresso machine

    Specification highlights

    • Weight of product

      0.5  kg

    Technical Specifications

    • Country of origin

      Made in
    • Technical specifications

      2 bottle of 250 ml for two descaling cycles
    • Weight and dimensions

      Dimensions of product (WxDxH)
      66 x 80 x 169  mm
      Weight of product
      0.5  kg

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