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    Driving video recorder



    Your reliable witness on the road

    Philips car dash cameras will capture what happens on the road, in case the unexpected happens. With automatic recording in sharp HD quality, you’ll have clear and accurate evidence of any incident on the road. And with an in-built LCD screen, or dedicated smartphone app, showing recordings with a date and time stamp, you can instantly playback events to resolve roadside disputes. Designed to withstand high temperatures and constant vibrations, these are dash cameras built to last. 

    How it works?


    The recorder is highly reliable and designed for various driving conditions. In case of a collision, a wide-view colour video is automatically secured with every single detail, light or dark. You will have the crystal-clear evidence you need to clarify responsibility on the spot and provide support to authorities.

    Product Comparison



    ADR 620 


    Wide angle lens



    2.0" LCD



    2.7” LCD
    Video resolution
    Fatigue index
    Emergency EasyCapture
    Automatic recording and dimming
    Perfect night view
    Collision detection