Pasta Maker

Philips Pasta Maker & Noodle Maker

Enjoy endless fresh pasta options in less than 10 minutes

Philips Avance Pasta Maker

    Pasta Maker

    The Avance Pasta Maker at a glance.

    Fully automatic pasta machine

    Place one or two cups of flour in the pasta machine then add liquid to turn it into delicious, fresh pasta!

    Automatic kneading

    Takes the effort out of pasta-making. Just put in your ingredients, press a button, and let the electric pasta maker do all the work.

    4 pasta shapes

    Spaghetti, fettucine, penne and lasagne. Plus there are even more shaping discs available separately. With the Pasta Maker, the choice is yours!

    Up to 500 grams

    Our pasta making machine can create up to 500 grams of pasta in one go – that's enough for 5 servings!

    Fresh and tasty pasta

    Make 2-3 portions (250g) of pasta from scratch in less than 10 minutes in just four easy steps.
    Simply choose either one or two cups of pasta, add the ingredients, press a button and sit back and relax while the Philips Pasta Maker does all the work for you.

    Make endless varieties

    Choose from 4 different pasta shapes: spaghetti, fettucine, penne and lasagne. Plus, there are even more shaping discs available separately. Flavour your pasta or noodles with beetroot juice, spinach or any flour you want. For more inspiration check out our pasta maker recipe book for a great variety of delicious meals.

    See how easy it is to make homemade pasta with Philips pasta and noodle maker!


    Watch a quick video of the Philips pasta machine in use. Making fresh pasta has never been so easy. It takes less than 15 minutes from start to plating.

    Smart cooking with Philips pasta maker - Video

    Buy Philips Avance Pasta Maker

    Philips HR2375/13 Pasta Maker

    Enjoy endless pasta and noodle options in under 10 minutes

    Experiment with delicious and nutritious ingredients

    Fully automatic with powerful extrusion technology

    4 discs included

    Simple assembly and hassle-free clean up

    Suggested retail price: $359.00

    Your taste - your pasta recipes


    Combine different shapes, flours and flavours to create endless variety of pastas perfectly suited to your taste. Check out a few recipes to get you started, on the road to pasta-making perfection!


    Ricotta spinach

    Gluten free chickpea


    Beetroot fettuccini

    Beetroot fettuccini

    Ricotta spinach ravioli

    Ricotta spinach ravioli

    Chickpea tagliatelle

    Chickpea tagliatelle

    Spinach spaghetti

    Spinach spaghetti

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