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Philips Fidelio: Created for excellence

We are obsessed with delivering high-fidelity sound. Philips Fidelio headphones are the result of uncompromised acoustic engineering and a commitment to exacting standards in both audio and ergonomic performance. We continually work to refine and innovate our premium headphone designs to bring you the best listening experience.

High Resolution audio reproduces music in its purest form.


High Resolution Audio offers the best in audio performance, reproducing original studio master recordings more faithfully than 16bit/44.1kHz CD formats. This uncompromising quality makes High Resolution Audio the best sound companion for the music lover.


Fidelio headphones meet the stringent standards required for the Hi-Res Audio stamp of quality. Whether enjoying your Hi-Res collection or a more traditional music source, the smooth extended high frequencies of the Fidelio headphone range help you get more from your music.

The Fidelio signature


The Philips Fidelio sound signature is the outcome of extensive testing with discerning listeners to find a preferred sound profile for high-fidelity headphones. Rich bass, clear highs and natural mid-ranges are the reassuring sound signatures of Fidelio headphones. Whether at home, on the go, or when using Bluetooth, Fidelio headphones never compromise on sound and integrate high-precision audio into your lifestyle.

Design is in the details


The distinctive design of Philips Fidelio headphones stems from a simple design philosophy: form follows function. Fidelio embodies mindful design, meaningful innovations and above all, acoustic precision. From construction to ergonomics, engineering to accessories – it’s the attention to acoustic detail that keeps you listening.

Crafted for comfort


Philips Fidelio headphones use materials carefully selected for their functionality and comfort. Whether you’re an audio-professional, busy commuter or simply enjoy high-fidelity audio at home, Fidelio headphones have been designed to maximize your comfort while providing you with the ultimate listening experience.

Industry recognition

Awards and recognitions our products received

Philips Fidelio NC1 Noise Cancellation Headphones

Reddot Design Award 2015


Philips Fidelio S2 Earphones

T3 Awards 2014: Headphones of the year

Philips Fidelio NC1 Noise Cancellation Headphones

iF Design Award 2015

Philips Fidelio M2BT Bluetooth headphones

What Hi-Fi Awards 2014: Best wireless headphones

Philips Fidelio M1MKII on-ear headphones

What Hi-Fi Awards 2014: Best portable on-ear headphones £100- £200

Product highlights

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Wireless music free from noise

Banish wires and noise with new Bluetooth® and noise cancelling headphones. Immerse yourself in music with advanced active noise cancelling technology, that reduces noise up to 99%. Connect wirelessly with NFC one-tap pairing, and take control with smart touch sensing ear pads. Create your own private universe of sound with these active noise cancelling headphones, the ultimate travel companion.

ActiveShield Pro™


ActiveShield Pro hybrid active noise canceling technology features four microphones. Two feed-backward microphones are used for canceling low frequencies while feed-forward microphones extend the bandwidth of noise cancellation into mid and high frequencies. This combination ensures cancellation over a wide frequency range and a greater degree of music optimization in any environment.

Intuitive and ease of use


Intuitive buttons make for easy switching between your music and calls. Simple one-tap NFC pairing let's you connect your headphones with any Bluetooth device for crystal clear music enjoyment – wirelessly.  Multi-pairing plays music and calls on two devices at once and activate Siri and Google Now with a press on ear button. Even when the batteries run out, your music enjoyment does not have to end. Simply plug in the cable and let the music play on.

Headphones for everyday comfort

Move with your music. From compact, lightweight to flat foldable designs – you have the freedom to listen to the music you love.

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Let music be the motivation

Philips ActionFit sports headphones are your companion during the toughest of workouts, providing motivation and support for physical endurance. ActionFit's wearable styles have been designed to invigorate your workout so you can be
more than before.

Unstoppable beat

When it comes to keeping active, Philips ActionFit headphones are tuned for sport. With powerful bass profiles that inspire you to keep moving, ActionFit delivers pumping sounds in a comfortable and secure fit

The freedom to move

Philips ActionFit headphones are ultra-lightweight and designed for durability. Sweatproof, secure and washable, robust and ergonomic, ActionFit headphones provide reassurance for your active lifestyle.

Industry recognition

Awards and recognitions our products received

Philips ActionFit Sports Headphones 2015 range

Reddot Design Award 2015


Media showcase

DJ-Style monitor headphones


Philips monitor headphones provide superb comfort and are tuned to deliver outstanding audio quality with deep dynamic bass and powerful sound. Extended functionality makes it perfect for life on-the-go and a versatile tool for DJ style monitoring.

Product highlights

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Bluetooth® Headphones

Our new line of Philips wireless Bluetooth headphones gives you the freedom to listen without wires by simply connecting to your device via Bluetooth. Skip effortlessly between your tracks and phone calls with easy to use controls on your ear-shell. From on-ear to over-ear Bluetooth headphones lift the restriction of cables leaving you free into immerse in your music.