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      introducing philips aquaporin


      Philips Aquaporin Reverse Osmosis Technology

      Aquaporin mineral ro

      Aquaporin Mineral RO filtration technology

      incorporates aquaporin proteins* to replicate nature’s own water filtration process for more energy-efficient filtration than ever before.

      *Aquaporin proteins are placed in the cell membrane for transporting water – and only water – in and out of the cell. It was discovered by Dr.Peter Agre in 1988, and it brought him the Nobel Award in Chemistry in 2003. Due to its highly selective and long-lasting features, this technology was also developed with NASA for the in-space drinking water application.

      With a pore size of approximately 0.0001 micron, the Philips Aquaporin RO membrane effectively removes up to 110* harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses, lead, pesticide, chlorine, and more from your water. 

      Icon 99.9 of bacteria

      of bacteria

      Icon 99.9 of virus

      of virus

      Icon 99.9 of chlorine

      of chlorine

      Icon 99.5 of pesticide

      of pesticide

      *The removal rates of 80 substances are tested by international certification and testing agency SGS under laboratory conditions, and the remaining 30 substances are tested by other third-party accredited laboratories

      aquaporin ro filtration

      Philips Aquaporin Mineral RO Filtration

      See how it works

      Temperature banner

      Easy access to any temperature & any volume in a range

      It offers you a full range of temperatures (from ambient to 100℃*) and volumes (from 90ml to 999ml). Also, you can use the pre-set buttons to have quick access to your preferred drinking temperatures (ambient, 45℃, or 100℃*) and cup volumes (150ml, 200ml, or 300ml). 

      *It is achieved in the instant heating chamber inside the device. The actual dispensing temperature may vary due to environmental temperature and heat loss.

      Take care of all your drinking demands

      Instant heating technology
       allows you to enjoy fresh hot water within seconds.

      Pure tasting water

      Pure tasting water

      Coffee visual


      Baby formula

      Baby formula

      Herbal tea


      monitoring system

      Real-time TDS
      monitoring system

      Thanks to the monitoring display of Total Dissolved Solids(TDS) before and after the filtering process, you are reassured of your tap water quality and filtered water's purity.

      Designed with your convenience in mind

      Two 1.8L portable water jugs

      Chill one jug with filtered water in the fridge for cold drinks, and keep the other jug placed in the dispenser for refilling.

      Water jug

      No plumbing installation is required

      Just plug and play!

      No plumbing

      Rotating base

      Easy to remove or install the water tank at ease.

      Rotating base
      fits right in your home image


      Fits right in
      your home

      Philips award-winning design and finishings fit seamlessly into your home or work space.

      Reddot award

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