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    Science and technology

    The benefits of clean air

    Learn more about purifying the air in your home


    The facts about air quality


    We all want our homes to be safe and clean for our families. But the air in your home can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside.

    The facts about air quality

    The impact of air pollution

    Air pollution can have a number of impacts on your health. The most common symptoms include headache, inflammation, nasal congestion, respiratory problems, skin irritation and stomach pain.


    Philips air purifiers clean the air from these common pollutants

    Philips air purifiers have a multi-stage filtration system that captures up to 99.97% of harmful particles, from dust, allergens and PM2.5 particles.


    *From the air that passes through the filter, tested with NaCl aerosol by iUTA according to DIN71460-1.

    Philips filters

    Purifies nano-sized particles

    Once the air passes through the filter, the microscopic pollutants are trapped.

    1 Milimeter


    1 micron is 1000x smaller than 1 millimeter

    Grainsalt image
    Pollen image

    Extra-fine salt

    60-100 microns


    15 microns

    Not visible to the human eye

    Dust 10 microns
    Bio Aerosols 9 microns
    Fine dust 2.5 microns
    Bacteria 1.3 microns

    Inhalable particles (PM10)

    < 10 microns

    Respiratory Droplets**

    5-10 microns

    Fine particles (PM2.5)

    <2.5 microns


    1-3 microns

    HEPA*** standard filters until 0.3 micron

    Wildfire smoke

    Candle smoke particle

    0.01 microns

    Philips purifiers filters up to 0.003 micron

    Iuta filters

    Tested for 99.97% filtration of nano-particles, at 0.003 microns by IUTA independent institute.


    *Particle sizes are indicative, to give a scale of reference. Some of the listed particle types cover a wider size-range.

    ***HEPA Filters according to the American US DOESTD-3020-2015 standards.


    What CADR means for your home

    The Clean Air Delivery Rate is the global standard for measuring how much air (m3) a purifier

    can clean in a certain amount of time. So, the higher the CADR, the faster the purification.


    Airflow only measures wind speed, so it only tells us how much air is coming out. What airflow

    does not tell us is how clean that air is. This is why CADR is the right metric to use when choosing your purifier.

    With air purifier of CADR 500

    With air purifier of CADR 500

    With air purifier of CADR 100

    With air purifier of CADR 100

    With no purifier

    With no purifier

    Graph image
    CADR image

    Best in test

    Best Air Purifier according to Stiftung Warentest


    The AC2889/10 performs best in German Stiwa Tests because we engineer and optimize our products for high CADR.


    How allergens attack

    Your immune system's job is to defend your body from harmful invaders. But when it mistakenly declares war on substances it shouldn’t, that’s an allergy.

    The most common airborne allergens

    Allergens Pollen


    Dust mites

    Dust mites

    Allergens Animal dander

    Animal dander

    Allergens mold


    Philips Air Purifiers


    Philips Air Purifiers eliminate 99.99%* of allergens


    99.97% of the airborne allergens like pollen, dust mites, mold spores and pet dander that passes through the filter, are filtered from the air.

    ECARF image

    European Center for Allergy Research Foundation
    Certified allergy-friendly. Philips air purifiers fit the needs of allergy sufferers.

    *From the air that passes through the filter, tested according to Austiran OFI test method SOP 350.00.

    Allergens video
    Philips Air Purifiers study


    Tested in real homes to effectively reduce airborne allergens like dust mites


    In 2020, a Philips-sponsored study run by the Munich Germany Center for Environmental Health proved the effectiveness of purifiers in removing house dust mite allergens.

    On your phone

    Control the air quality wherever you are

    Monitor the indoor and outdoor air quality

    Check outdoor pollen levels

    Coaches you to improve air quality

    Find the product that fits your needs

    Popular Products

    2000 series

    Series 2000i

    All-round purifier for medium spaces

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    Medium/Large (85 m²)

    330 m³/h (CADR)

    1000 series

    1000 series

    All-round purifier for small to medium spaces

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    Medium (63m2)

    270 m3/h (CADR)

    800 series

    800 series

    Compact and effortless purification

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    Small (49m2)

    190 m3/h (CADR)

    2-in-1 combination

    Series 5000

    Air Dehumidifier & Purifier

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    Medium (60m2)

    250 m3/h (CADR)

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