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Allie and Jess from One Handed Cooks create simple, nutritious meals with the Philips Avent 4-in-1 Healthy baby food maker for your baby or toddler. Each recipe starts with a simple puree for your little one starting solids and ends with a finger food for older kids or those wanting to try baby led weaning. 

Recipe videos

Banana, apple and cinnamon puree and french toast fingers

Chicken and vegetable puree and couscous fingers

Tropical fruit puree and tropical mini muffins

Baby first fish'n'chips mash and baked fish'n'chips


French Toast
Banana, apple and cinnamon puree and french toast fingers
Couscous Fingers
Chicken and veg puree and couscous fingers
Breakfast Cups
Pear, apricot and strawberry puree and bircher breakfast cups 
Mini Muffins
Tropical fruit puree and tropical mini muffins
Fish'n'chips mash and baked fish'n'chips
Meat and Veg
Meat and three veg puree and quinoa mash

4-in-1 Healthy baby food maker

We understand that nutritious food is essential to your baby's healthy development. The Philips Avent healthy baby food maker helps you prepare tasty homemade meals, tailored to your baby's needs, in a simple way. 

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Review of 4-in-1

This week my husband used the baby food steamer! He couldn’t believe how easy it was to use and clean

Quick and easy

Love my baby food maker more and more each day. I’ve preped and frozen a variety of baby meals now. This week whilst I have had a cold it has been a life saver... 

Perfect for busy mums

I am incredibly happy with the Philips Avent 4-in-1 healthy baby food maker. It’s easy of use makes dinner time a breeze. I now have a nice freezer stash of healthy meals to choose from...