StyleCare Auto-rotating airstyler

Keratin Ceramic coating, Ionic, 800W, 3 attachments HP8668/00


My Airstyler does not make my hair curly enough

The Philips StyleCare Airstyler is designed to give you perfect curls, every time. If you are not getting the desired look, follow the tips below.

Creating perfect curls:

  • Only use an amount of hair that fits comfortably into the hair sectioning tool.

  • Use a smaller amount of hair for longer hair lengths.

  • Use the hot airflow setting for 30 seconds, followed by the cool airflow setting for 10 seconds. This will help to set the curls.

  • Allow the hot air to heat up the air curl attachment for a few minutes before curling.

  • Do not release the rotation button immediately when hair is no longer seen at the opening. Allow rotation to continue for another 10 seconds to ensure that hair is completely in the chamber.

  • Make sure that the ends of your hair are within the curling chamber and that no stray hair is sticking out.

    Wind each strand of curl around your finger for extra definition after removing hair from the air curl attachment.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HP8668/00 .

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