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    How do I connect my toothbrush to the Sonicare app?

    Updated on 2022-05-25
    To connect your Bluetooth Philips Sonicare toothbrush to the Sonicare app, ensure that your toothbrush and phone are paired via Bluetooth. If you are using the app for the first time, you will need to pair your toothbrush. Follow the instructions provided in the app.
    Once your toothbrush is paired with the app, it will be connected and sync when turned on. Your phone needs to be nearby with Bluetooth activated and the app open.

    Sonicare for Kids

    The information above also applies to the Sonicare for Kids app. Watch the video below for details.
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    Instructions to connect your toothbrush to the Sonicare App

    Follow the instructions below to connect your toothbrush to the Sonicare App.
    1. Install the latest version of the Sonicare App
    2. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone
    3. Turn on your toothbrush by taking it off the charger or pressing the mode button
    4. Open the Sonicare App and tap "Brush" in the top-right corner. While brushing make sure that your toothbrush is next to your smartphone
    5. Your toothbrush is now syncing
    See the video below for more detailed instructions. 

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    Instructions to connect your Sonicare Kids Toothbrush with Sonicare Kids App

    Follow the steps below to connect your Sonicare for Kids toothbrush with the app:
    1. Install the latest version of the Philips Sonicare for Kids app
    2. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone
    3. Take your handle off the charger and open the app.
    4. Open the app and follow the instructions.
    Make sure that you hold your toothbrush close to your phone.

    Note: your Bluetooth needs to be enabled (turned on) for every brushing session.
    See the video below for more detailed instructions.
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    The information on this page applies to the following models: HX9912/17 , HX9912/40 , HX9912/07 , HX6232/43 , HX9618/19 , HX9618/03 , HX9618/24 , HX8931/10 , HX9911/07 , HX9683/01 , HX9618/01 , HX9681/01 , HX9643/01 , HX9352/49 , HX6823/16 , HX6859/35 , HX6851/56 , HX6855/58 , HX6877/23 , HX3215/42 , HX6800/06 , HX6807/06 , HX3225/35 , HX3215/54 , HX9924/06 , HX9954/56 , HX6912/21 , HX6782/34 , HX6512/02 , HX6721/35 , HX6321/03 , HX6232/20 , HX9112/52 , HX9368/35 , HX9312/04 , HX9372/04 , HX3215/03 , HX6631/01 , HX6231/01 , HX9362/67 , HX9352/04 , HX6311/07 , HX9112/02 , HX9182/10 , HX9182/08 , HX6511/50 , HX6993/03 , HX6972/10 , HX9332/04 , HX6711/02 , HX9342/02 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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