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StyleCare Auto-rotating hair styler

StyleCare Auto-rotating airstyler


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Automatic air curl attachment creates waves and soft curls
Protective ceramic coating with Keratin infusion
StyleCare hair styler comes with 3 different attachments for multiple styles and volume
Airstyling just got even more versatile with Philips hair styler
Get stylish hair with our hair styler

Airstyling  just got even more versatile

Airstyling is a great way of adding natural volume, body and shine to your hair. Our auto rotating airstyler can be rotated in both directions, making it easy to handle and to use to create a variety of styles. It also comes with a 50mm thermobrush – the ultimate accessory for adding body and movement – and should be used on nearly dry hair for salon blow dry results.
Get natural curls with our hair curler
Hair curler attachment for air styler

Air curling
has arrived

Our StyleCare auto rotating air styler now comes with a unique curling attachment to add more styling variety to this incredibly versatile airstyler. The air curler attachment can be used once hair is 80% dry to create gorgeous natural curls at the touch of a button.

A caring drying and styling experience with our hair styler or curler
Philips hair curler attachment

A caring drying
and styling
experience with our hair styler or curler

The curling and thermobrush attachments are both infused with protective keratin and offer ionic conditioning for smooth, frizz free shiny hair.


Automatic hair curler attachment
Automatic air curling
for waves and soft curls

Narrow concentrator nozzle
Narrow concentrator nozzle
for focused airflow

50mm round thermobrush
50mm round thermobrush
for natural volume and movement 

Get styling
See how
easy it is with
Philips hair styler

Flaunt any style with our hair styler and curler
Step 1: how to user Philips automatic hair styler or curler
Select just the right amount of hair using the sectioning accessory.
Step 2: using Philips automatic hair styler or curler
Place the strand of hair into the opening of the auto curler.
Step 3: Guide to use Philips automatic hair styler or curler
Click and hold the rotation button until the hair has been drawn inside completely.
Step 4: how to operate Philips hair styler or hair curler
Wait for the beep and then gently pull down the air styler to release the curl.

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StyleCare Auto-rotating airstyler


Soft curls, waves and volume with auto air curling

Paddle brush airstyler with 5 styling attachments

Dry & style natural looks with care

Easy Natural Curler

Easily create beautiful natural curls

Caring technologies

  • Care temperature setting
  • Ionic conditioning
  • Keratin ceramic coating
  • Thermoprotect temperature
  • Ionic conditioning
  • Ceramic coating
  • Heat safe design
  • Ceramic coating

Styling Performance

  • Unique air curl attachment with two way rotation
  • 50mm round brush
  • Nozzle
  • Paddle straightening brush to create beautiful naturally straight hair
  • Other attachments: 30 mm Retractable bristle brush
  • 38 mm Thermobrush
  • Nozzle
  • Volumizer
  • Tulip shape for natural curls
  •  One touch clip and curl


  • 800W power for optimal results
  • 3 Heat settings
  • 1000W power for beautiful results
  • 3 Heat settings
  • 200°C Professional Heat
  • 1.8m cord


  • 2 years
  • 2 years
  • 2 years
* Suggested retail price
StyleCare Auto-rotating airstyler - Flaunt perfect style with our hair styler and curler

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