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    How do I use my Philips SatinShave?

    Published on 06 January 2023
    You can use the shaving foil to trim and shave your body hair below the neckline, for example your armpits, arms, legs and bikini area (with a trimming comb). When using the device in the intimate area (the outside and inside of the outer labia), ensure that you attach the trimming comb to the shaving head.

    The product is suitable for use in the bath or shower, but you can also use it dry. Use the appliance on clean skin. You can exfoliate your skin a few days before shaving. Exfoliating removes the dead skin around your hair follicles and makes it easier to remove hair.

    It is essential to check the shaving foil to see if it is not dirty, damaged or worn out. A faulty foil will cause skin irritation or negatively affect the performance of the product. If it is damaged, it needs to be replaced immediately. Please see the video below for more information on using your SatinShave.


    Wet and dry use

    For best results, use the product dry to trim hair. Place the product on your body, so the attachment or accessory is in complete contact with the skin. Move the product slowly against the direction of hair growth. Allow the product to catch all the hairs for a smooth result. When you use the product on sensitive areas, stretch the skin with your free hand. When you use it on your underarms, raise your arm and put your hand on the back of your head to stretch the skin.

    When using the device on wet skin, rinse the head regularly to remove hairs and ensure that it continues gliding smoothly over your skin. Make sure that your skin is thoroughly wet with water. Gently pat your skin dry after use. Consider wet hairs tend to stick more to the skin. If you want to use creams or body lotion, apply them after you have used the product. Please refer to the video below for more information on epilating or shaving when dry.


    You may apply an (alcohol-free) Aloe Vera cream/lotion or an after-sun crème on your skin. Also, allow some adjustment time and give the skin time to recover between sessions. Clean the appliance thoroughly to remove all the hairs on its head and leave it to air-dry (See FAQ: How do I clean my Philips SatinShave). For more information on aftercare, please refer to the video below.
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