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Philips Pasta and Noodle maker.



Enjoy fresh homemade pasta and noodle in 15 minutes! Automatic solution to make various types of pasta and noodles. Add in various ingredients such as spinach, carrots or beets to personalise the pasta flavour.

Philips recipes

Use meringue to make this fabulous cake. The Kitchen machine does all the work for you!
Try baking muffins in the Airfryer! The Viva model allows you to bake a batch of six muffins at a time and the Avance, nine muffins.
Nothing tastes as good as freshly baked bread, use the food processor to make the dough.
A fresh drink made by your Philips Slow juicer. Full of vitamins, easy and very tasty!

Inspiring recipes and health coaching at your finger tips


From nutritional information of your favorite healthy drinks to details about its health benefits, from one time recipe to full weekly programs based on your personal goals. Now you have all of these options in one place, always available to help you. Even with your shopping list.

Philips kitchen appliances


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