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    Coffee FAQ

    Frequently asked questions about coffee



    What is a coffee?

    A coffee is prepared by pouring boiling water over ground coffee in a coffee filter. A drip filter coffee machine can prepare this drink, or it can be done by hand. The regular coffee has a more rounded taste than an espresso because it is not prepared at high pressure, meaning there will not be a crema layer on top.


    In Germany the traditional filter coffee is served in cups of 125ml, whereas a US-American coffee mug will fit around 250ml (roughly 9 ounces). Milk is optional and usually added plain and not frothed. Sugar or sweetener is added to the drinker’s liking, Brazilians being the people that enjoy the sweetest coffee. A new trend has emerged where the coffee drinker adds grass-fed butter into the drip filter coffee machine. This method is supposed to help your energy levels and diet.


    What is a ristretto?

    Ristretto, meaning ‘limited’ or ‘restricted’ in Italian, is a short shot of espresso made with the normal amount of ground coffee but about half the amount of water. Italians traditionally prepare it with 22ml of ground coffee; North Europeans prefer a longer 40ml version.



    What is an espresso?

    An espresso is a shot of rich and intense black coffee made using a brewing method in which a pump-driven coffee machine forces hot water through fine grounds at high pressure (9-bar). It comes from the Latin word 'expressus', meaning ‘expressed’ or ‘pressed out’.


    The Australian coffee culture has thrived since the 1950’s when the Italian creation was brought over and perfected to the barista quality, masterpiece of art it is known as today. The Australian espresso is set apart from the Italian version through the use of milk and creativity, with majority of cafes in Australia serving espresso-based drinks.

    What is an espresso intenso?
    An espresso intenso is a double shot of espresso, because sometimes one shot is not enough.
    What is an espresso lungo?
    An espresso lungo can be a single, double or triple shot espresso, with twice the amount of water to get a stretched coffee result. Lungo was derived from Italian meaning ‘long’.
    What is a caffe crema?
    A caffe crema is a double-shot espresso that is literally topped with cream, with the name in Italian translation mean ‘cream coffee’. This coffee drink has strong popularity along the borders of Italy with Switzerland and Austria. The caffe crema generally has 60ml of espresso and 30ml of heavy cream.
    What is an espresso macchiato?
    An espresso macchiato uses a shot of 30ml espresso and a dallop of foamed milk on top. The term macchiato means ‘stained’. Although it might resemble a small cappuccino, it’s stronger and more aromatic.
    What is a cappuccino?
    A cappuccino is a shot of espresso with steamed milk and a big head of foamed milk – spooned on to maintain the warmth. The ratio of espresso to steamed and frothed milk is typically 1/3 espresso: 1/3 steamed milk: 1/3 frothed milk.

    In Italy, drinking cappuccino after 10am is a serious no-no. The iconic coffee is believed to work wonders for one’s digestion. But only when drunk at breakfast time.
    What is a latte macchiato?
    Similar to an espresso macchiato, the latte macchiato is derived from Italian, meaning ‘stained’ or ‘marked’ milk. Unlike a latte, the espresso is added to the milk – rather than the milk to the espresso. This ‘stains’ the milk. Making a latte macchiato, a smaller dose of espresso is used and generally more milk foam than a regular latte. The measurements within a latte macchiato include: 60ml espresso, 150ml steamed milk and 150ml foamed milk.
    What is a flat white?
    A flat white consists of 30ml of espresso and 60ml steamed milk, with the main different between it and a cappuccino that it doesn’t have foamed milk. This coffee drink originated during the 1970s in New Zealand, for people who were interested in a less frothy cappuccino.
    What is a caffe americano?
    The caffe americano or often simple referred to as ‘americano’, is a style of coffee that adds hot water to vary the strength of the double-shot espresso. The caffe americano is sometimes enjoyed with just a single 30ml shot of espresso but its original form includes 60ml espresso and 90ml of hot water.
    What is a latte?
    A latte consists of 60ml espresso, 300ml steamer milk and 20ml foamed milk. The coffee generally referred to as ‘latte’ in English, is sometimes known as ‘cafe au lait’ in Europe. The term, ‘latte’ literally meaning’ milk coffee’, is just that: an espresso with lots of milk which you can easily create on a latte machine.
    Whats the difference between filter coffee and espresso?
    The difference between filter coffee and espresso is that they have different methods of preparation and therefore require different types of beans. Filter coffee is usually made from arabica beans in a drip coffee maker, while espresso is made in an espresso machine using a mix of both: approximately 60-70% Arabica beans and 30-40% Robusta beans. When it comes to roasting, filter coffee is given a light or medium roast to enhance the flavours and create subtle aromas. While an espresso is given a dark and intense roast to bring out the toasted chocolate nuances and decrease acidity.
    Barista Skills
    How to manually froth milk
    How to make the perfect espresso
    A cup of espresso

    A perfect shot of espresso should have an extraction time of between 20-30 seconds and a manual pressure adjusted to 9-bar. This ensures the positive flavour components are extracted and the fats which create the crema are emulsified. Always use pure water for the purest taste.


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    How to create latte art
    How to create cioko art
    Speciality Drinks
    How do I make a French Accent?
    French accent
    • Coffee with a French twist.

      • 1 espresso
      • 5ml Frapin Cognac
      • 2mg vanilla
      • 1mg cinnamon
      • Blue Mountain coffee grains

      • Make an espresso
      • Add the cognac, vanilla and cinnamon
      • Stir and enjoy!

      TIP! Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is an ideal choice for this exquisite beverage.
    How do I make an Anne Bonny?
    Anne Bonny

    A cocktail named after the famous 18th-century pirate that will warm the cockles of your heart.



    • 1 espresso

    • 3cl Rhum Vieux

    • 2cl Galliano

    • 1 teaspoon demerara sugar

    • 2cl fresh cream


    • Mix all the ingredients (except the cream) together in the glass

    • Slowly pour the cream over the back of a heated spoon – rested against the side of the glass – so it

    floats on top

    • It may take a little practice to ensure the cream stays on the surface


    TIP! Add some splash by using extra-aged AOC Martinique Rhum Agricole, made from pure sugarcane juice.


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    How do I make a Cappuccino Viennese?
    Speciality drink cappuccino Viennese

    A local Alpine specialty with whipped cream that rises up like the majestic Dolomites.

    • 1 espresso
    • 2 1/2cl fresh cream
    • 1/2 teaspoon sugar
    • Cocoa powder

    • Lightly whip the cream until it becomes thick
    • Add sugar and stir the cream gently from top to bottom
    • Pour the cream into a cup and add the espresso
    • Sprinkle a dusting of cocoa powder on top

    TIP! The perfect choice of coffee is a quality Arabica from Central America, single origin or blended.


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