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    A cup of caffè Latte

    How to make a latte coffee?



    60ml espresso
    300ml steamed milk
    20ml foamed milk


    What is a latte coffee?

    Also known as a ‘cafe au lait’ in Europe, this drink is often just called a ‘latte’ – sometimes spelt as ‘latté’ or ‘lattè’ in English – which literally means ‘milk coffee’. And it’s just that: an espresso with lots of milk which you can easily create on a latte machine. Take care not to order a ‘latte’ in Italy, however – you’ll just end up with a glass of milk!


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    How to make a latte coffee?

    Step 1: Get all of the ingredients.

    Step 2: Put your 60ml espresso shot into your cup.

    Step 3: Retain the microbubbles on top of the steamed milk by using a spoon. Pour the 300ml of steamed milk from the milk frother into the cup.

    Step 4: Place the remaining foamed milk on top of the latte.

    Step 5: Create some amazing latte art, see examples below!

    How to make latte art?
    What is the difference between flat white and latte?

    There is a common misconception that flat whites and lattes are the same coffee drink, which is true in some ways, but there is clear differences in these drinks. The main differences between flat white and latte:

    •     A latte is generally made in a slightly bigger glass, while a flat white is made in a cup
    •     The latte in its larger glass has a 15mm length of foam, with a flat white having a small 5mm
    •     The average flat white is slightly stronger in strength compared to the latte
    What is the difference between latte and cappuccino?
    The difference between latte and cappuccino is quite larger than the difference between flat whites and lattes. Cappuccinos typically use 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 frothed milk. A latte only uses 1/6 espresso and is a heavily milk based drink with only that tiny bit of coffee, where the cappuccinos main feature is its coffee flavour.
    What is a chai latte?
    A chai latte takes the flavours from the common spiced tea drink found in nearly all households in India, the masala chai, and merges it with the technique borrowed from frothy steamed lattes. It sounds simple but to create an authentic and delicious chai latte you will need the follow ingredients: 2 cinnamon sticks, 2 teaspoons of whole black peppercorns, 3 cups of cold milk, 6 green cracked cardamom pods, 10 whole cloves, 4 cups of water, 1 piece of ginger, 2 teaspoons loose leaf black tea, ½ cup sweetener (syrup, honey or sugar)

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