Shaver series 7000 SensoTouch wet & dry electric shaver

DualPrecision & GyroFlex2D, 50 min cordless use/1h charge, Beard Styler and Pouch, Jet clean system RQ1195/22


The shaving unit symbol on my Philips shaver keeps flashing after replacing the shaving unit

The shaving unit symbol is automatically shown for 7 to 10 successive shaves and will then stop.

Manual reset

In most shaver models, you can reset it manually.
Press and hold the ON/OFF button for approximately 10 seconds.

The information on this page applies to the following models: RQ1195/22 , RQ1145/17 , RQ1295/23 , RQ1285/22 , RQ1285/17 , RQ1275/17 , RQ1151/17 , RQ11/51 , RQ12/50 , RQ11/50 , RQ1160/22 , RQ1280/17 , RQ1260/17 , RQ1150/17 , RQ1160/17 , RQ1180/17 , RQ1250/17 , RQ1260/22 , RQ1280/22 , RQ1290/23 . more less

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