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    Sustainable product innovation

    Innovation is more than just creating better and newer products. It’s also about adapting our product design for sustainable and long-lasting products. That’s why we are changing the way we offer products to you, shifting away from buying a product to having access to a product when you need it. All with the aim to use as little raw material as possible.  


    An example of access through reuse is our Philips Avent breast pump, which can now be rented via Philips website in the Netherlands and via pharmacies in France. Products like breast pumps are typically used for shorter periods of time than many other goods, so enabling reuse via rental can significantly extend product usage.

    Close up photograph of inner mechanical workings of a Philips product engineered for sustainability and a long lifespan.

    Philips service and repair


    Extend the life of your products with the help of our Service & Repair team.

    Sustainable product design, by the numbers

    We improved circularity of manu­facturing  waste in 2022 - to 88.5% within Philips Personal Health business


    We continue to increase the amount of materials that we recycle and re-use, while phasing out waste where we can. Recycled waste can be transformed into materials for other products, which reduces our environmental impact.

    1300+ consumer replaceable parts and spare parts are available


    This allows consumers to keep products longer by exchanging parts or repairing their products via local repair shops.

    Products we’ve engineered for the long run 

    More on our sustainability efforts

    A close up of hands cupping broken pieces of material

    Advances in sustainable materials


    In our efforts to be a more environmentally friendly company, we are teaming up with suppliers and customers worldwide. The objective is to create products and packaging with materials that have a low environmental footprint. These material innovations are essential if we want to contribute to a more sustainable future that supports your personal choices.

    A wind farm with green hills, to represent clean energy and sustainability in businesses

    Carbon neutrality and energy efficiency


    Our Philips sustainability efforts are a continuous process. As previously mentioned, we became 100% carbon-neutral in our own operations in 2020 and have remained carbon neutral ever since*. Our designers and engineers have been working for more than 30 years to increase the energy efficiency of the products we make, helping our consumers use less energy too. 

    A banner with an aerial view of tree-tops and the ocean to introduce Philips’ sustainability plans

    Our approach to sustainability at Philips


    Learn how Philips is embedding environmental sustainability across its business, contributing to a healthy planet and communities.

    * Our operations include our Philips manufacturing sites, offices, warehouses, business travel and logistics sites around the world.

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