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    I cannot close the lever of my L'OR Barista

    If you are unable to close the lever of your L'OR Barista Coffee Machine, you will find a couple of solutions below on how you can easily solve this issue yourself.

    Capsule drawer is full

    If the capsule drawer is full, you will not be able to close the lever. To solve this, empty the capsule drawer and try again.

    Empty the capsule drawer

    Capsule is stuck

    Coffee capsules can get stuck inside the capsule compartment. To solve this, simply take out the capsule and insert again.

    If you are unable to take out the capsule, follow the instructions below:

    1. Remove the drip tray and capsule drawer
    2. Try to push or pull out the capsule from the bottom
    3. You might need to move the lever up and down to help loosen the capsule

    Did this not solve the issue? Please contact us.

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