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    What do the symbols on my Philips Groomer mean?

    Updated on 20 July 2022
    If you are wondering what the lights and symbols on your Philips Male Grooming device mean, please read the information below.

    Charging indications

    Most Philips Hair Clippers and Hair Trimmers have charging indications and lights to indicate when your device needs to be charged and when it is fully charged. Depending on the device that you own, the charging indications may be displayed in many different ways, as shown in the image below.
    Some grooming devices do not have any charging indications. In this case, check the product's charger to see if it has a light. This light illuminates when the charger is connected to the power supply. For these products, follow the advised charging time as instructed in the user manual.

    Philips Groomer charging indications

    Travel lock

    Some grooming devices come with a travel lock functionality to prevent your groomer from turning on by accident while travelling.
    To activate the travel lock, press and hold the on/off button for 3 seconds. The lock symbol will flash briefly to indicate that the device is locked. If you try to switch it on it will not work. Instead, the travel lock symbol will flash to remind you to deactivate the travel lock. 
    To deactivate the travel lock, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. The symbol will again flash briefly and then the groomer will turn on. 

    Philips Groomer travel lock

    Turbo mode

    Some Philips Hair Clippers and Multigroomers are equipped with a Turbo Mode. This is usually indicated with a T-shaped symbol on the clipper. Press this button when you need extra power from your clipper. This can be useful when you are trimming very thick hair.
    Philips Groomer Turbo Mode

    Quiet mode

    Some Philips Hair Clippers have the symbol of a baby printed on them. This is the quiet mode, which you can use while trimming your child's hair. This reduces the noise coming from the device and helps keep children calm while clipping their hair.
    Philips Groomer Quiet Mode

    Oil reminder

    If you see the image of an oil drop flashing on your grooming device, this is a reminder for you to oil your groomer. You should regularly clean and oil your groomer with the oil provided in the package or with sewing machine oil. 
    Depending on the grooming device that you own, you may find other symbols printed or flashing on it. For more information regarding your exact model, please refer to the user manual or contact us.

    Philips Groomer oil reminder

    The information on this page applies to the following models: BT3222/14 , HC3525/15 , BT5522/15 , MG7736/15 , MG3710/85 , BT9810/15 , HC5630/15 , BT7500/15 , MG7745/15 , MG7735/15 , BT7520/15 , HC5612/15 , BT5502/15 , BG7020/15 , BT3236/14 , BG7025/15 , BG1024/80 , HC3520/15 , HC3505/15 , BG5020/15 , BT1216/10 , BT3216/14 , BT3206/14 , MG7785/20 , BT3226/14 , HC3530/15 , MG5730/15 , MG7720/15 , BG3010/15 , BT9297/15 , MG3720/15 , MG7730/15 , MG3740/15 , MG3730/15 , MG7770/15 , TT2040/32 , HC7460/15 , HC9450/15 , BG1024/10 , BT9295/32 , HC7450/80 , QG3352/16 , QG3330/17 , QT4000/15 , QT4015/16 , QT4005/15 , QT4022/32 , QT4070/32 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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