Noise cancellation headphones

32mm drivers/closed-back, On-ear, Compact folding SHL3850NC/00

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find my Philips headphones' model number?

The model number of your Philips headphones can be located in different places depending on the type of the headphones. Find out where to find the model number here:

In-ear headphones

For in-ear models of headphones, the model number is located on the stopper. See the figure below

Other types of headphones

The location of the model number depends on the design. It may be located on the stopper, the inner or outer side of the headband, the cable plug, or on the earpiece. Below are some examples.


Example 2

The information on this page applies to the following models: SHL3850NC/00 , SHB7250/00 , SHL3065BK/00 , X2/00 , SHE3010BK/00 , SHE3010WT/00 , SHE3010PP/00 , SHE3010BL/00 , SHK2000BL/00 , SHK2000PK/00 , TX1BK/00 , SHE3905BK/00 , SHE9000/98 , SHS4700/98 , SHE1350/00 , SHE2610/97 , SHL4100/00 , SHE9501/97 , SHE9500/97 , SHS4700/97 , SHE2550/97 , SHE2650/97 , SHE7750/97 , SHS3200/97 . more less

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