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    The power of prevention in fighting oral diseases and maintaining overall health

    A recently published Global Oral Health Status Report by World Health Organization’s (WHO) reveals that close to half the world’s population (45% or 3.5 billion people) suffer from untreated oral diseases, including the fact that the top two issues of untreated cavities (caries) and severe gum disease affect more people worldwide than mental disorders, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease and cancers combined.

    The importance of prevention


    The WHO’s findings are a reminder that we need to relay to our patients on this World Oral Health Day of the vital importance of good, long-term oral health habits in helping them prevent oral diseases and maintaining their overall health and wellbeing – not just today on World Oral Health Day, but every day.[1]

    It is also important to educate patients that oral diseases are largely yet simply preventable through both regular dental check-ups and good brushing at home, and if diagnosed early require only simple intervention to treat – a point also highlighted in the WHO’s report. Sadly, the WHO report findings are a clear and worrying signal that too many people still struggle to access the oral health care they need and deserve.

    Sonicare Toothbrush

    Complete oral care for the best results


    With 30 years of expertise, Philips Sonicare offers innovative, personalised solutions for exceptional results. Sonicare technology moves the bristle tips to sweep gently and remove biofilm and creates continuous sonic fluid action driving fluid deep between teeth and along the gumline.

    Effortless yet effective, Sonicare DiamondClean 9000 with the Premium All-in-One brush head is Philips Sonicare's best plaque removal in our most elegant sonic electric toothbrush. Designed for a complete care, the Premium All-in-One brush head has angled bristles to help remove up to 20x more plaque versus a manual toothbrush, even in hard-to-reach areas,[2] while long, soft side bristles provides a deep yet gentle gum clean.


    The toothbrush is supported with the AI-powered Philips Sonicare app, a personalised Progress Report that helps patients stay on track and observe their brushing improvements overtime.

    Going beyond brushing to interdental health, Sonicare’s range of Power Flossers with Quad Stream technology produce an x-shaped stream of water that reaches deep between teeth, removing up to 99.9% of plaque in treated areas.

    Early prevention in early years


    Much-desired innovative products at every age, Philips Sonicare Power Toothbrushes for Kids makes brushing teeth fun with game character Sparkly, helping kids reach the recommended two-minute brushing time with ease.

    Philips Sonicare Power Toothbrushes for Kids

    Empowering a future of healthy mouths


    With the awareness and importance of the link between oral and overall health growing each day, Philips commits to innovations and technologies that help patients adopt good oral health habits from home and between checkups. We’re proud of this mission – when we make people proud of their mouths.

    Happy World Oral Health Day!

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