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CPAP and Air Travel 


You don’t have to stop traveling because you have sleep apnoea., Also, stopping your sleep therapy while you’re traveling can lead to setbacks. Here’s how to travel with your sleep apnoea equipment and keep your love of exploring alive.


How to fly more easily with your CPAP machine.


You are able to take your CPAP machine through security checkpoints at the airport. Here’s how:

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You may be required to take your machine out of its travel case for X-ray screening and explosive trace detection.
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To keep your CPAP machine clean, bring a large clear plastic bag and place it in the bag before placing it in the bin.
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You can request that the TSA agent wear new gloves, clean the table, and use a new explosive trace device sampler before handling your machine.
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Be sure to place the machine securely in its travel bag after screening to ensure it remains clean.



If you are questioned about your CPAP machine, it states that it is “medical equipment” and “suitable for airline use” on the bottom of every Philips machine.  

Traveling internationally


If you’re heading outside of the Australia, be sure to bring the proper power adapter or cord. Some countries use different electric currents and outlets. Using the wrong current without an adapter can damage your machine.

Wherever I go, CPAP comes with me

“Wherever I go, CPAP comes with me.”


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