Car lights

Xenon WhiteVision gen2

Xenon car headlight bulb

    Xenon WhiteVision gen2

    Xenon car headlight bulb

    Pure and bright white light defeats darkness

    Philips Xenon WhiteVision gen2 lamps create an intense white look for your car and produce brighter, more uniform white light on the road. The perfect choice for xenon headlights to match the look of LED lights. See all benefits

  • Pure and bright white light defeats darkness

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Xenon WhiteVision gen2 Xenon car headlight bulb

Type of lamp: D1S, Pack of: 1, 85 V, 35 W 85415WHV2S1 Find similar products

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Pure and bright white light defeats darkness

Intense whiter light improves driver concentration

  • Ultimate white effect to match other LEDs on your car

    Philips Xenon WhiteVision gen2 headlight lamps are the perfect choice for drivers who want a crisp white look for their headlights - similar to that of LEDs. With the same color temperature as LED lights, Xenon WhiteVision gen2 is the ultimate upgrade for your xenon headlights.

  • Crisp, pure white beam cuts through darkness

    With a color temperature of up to 5000 Kelvin, Philips Xenon WhiteVision lamps illuminate the road ahead with a crisp, pure white beam that cuts through the darkness. Instead of straining to see the road ahead, you’ll enjoy a safer, more exciting drive. With Philips automotive lighting, driving at night shall no longer limit you.

  • Greater contrast for improved visibility and safer driving

    It is vital to be able to quickly spot and identify road markings and signs when driving in the dark. With the Xenon WhiteVision lamps you get an intense, uniform white light. Coupled with a high color temperature, the headlights provide stronger contrast and better reflections from objects and signs. And you’ll enjoy a more comfortable and safer driving experience. The fact is many road traffic accidents are caused by overtired drivers losing concentration. This whiter light helps you maintain concentration and stay alert when driving at night.

  • More powerful light beam for enhanced vision

    This powerful white headlamp provides you with more intense light. Philips WhiteVision gen2 features a high-performing light, creating up to 120% more vision compared with the legal minimum standard. The enhanced light improves your vision for greater control of your vehicle.

  • Intense white light, 100% road legal

    Although brighter lights help you see better, if they dazzle oncoming drivers it makes the road less safe for you. The ECE-certified Xenon WhiteVision gen2 provides road-legal intense white light, with a headlight lamp color that’s harmonized with LED lights. The resulting light offers excellent visibility for safer driving, without irritating other drivers.

  • Philips is a favored choice of all major car manufacturers

    Philips is renowned for technologically advanced automotive lighting, introducing innovations that have become standard in modern vehicles. One in every two cars in Europe, and one in every three worldwide, is equipped with Philips lights, making it a favored choice for all major car manufacturers.

  • Philips car lamps are highly resistant

    UV-Quartz glass is stronger than hard glass and highly resistant to temperature extremes and vibrations, which eliminates the risk of early failure. Able to withstand severe thermal shock, Philips UV-Quartz glass car lamps allow more pressure inside the lamp, which can then produce a more powerful light to improve driving visibility. Along with a special anti-UV coating technology to protect the headlights from harmful ultraviolet radiation, you can be sure these lamps are built to last.

  • Available in most popular lamp types: D1S, D2S, D2R & D3S

    To find out which Xenon WhiteVision gen2 car lights fit your car, please go to www.philips.com/automotive

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