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    Comfort for every step of the way


      0-6 months pacifiers


      The unique one-piece design soothie for natural comfort


      > 0-6 months



      6-18 pacifiers

      Ultra soft

      The softest soother for your baby's sensitive skin


      > 0-6 months

      > 6-18 months



      18+ months pacifiers

      Ultra air

      Lets your baby’s skin breath


      > 0-6 months

      > 6-18 months

      > 18+ months

      Easy to clean

      Microwave proof

      Easy to sterilise*

      Keeping your little one's Soothies and pacifiers clean is easy. Simply put them in your steriliser or submerge in boiling water.

      *For hygiene reasons, replace pacifiers after 4 weeks of use

      Flexible soft silicone nipple

      Natural experience

      Flexible soft silicone nipple

      Our Soothies and pacifiers support the natural oral development of your baby. Soothie’s collapsible nipple – with a symmetrical shape – respects your baby’s teeth and gums, while our pacifiers’ silky, textured silicone nipple soothe and comfort your little one.

      Flexible soft silicone nipple

      Curved shield for more comfort

      The special curved, heart-shaped shield is designed to follow the natural curves of your baby’s face, so as to provide maximum comfort without bumping into his or her tiny nose. It’s uniquely designed so that you can place your finger in the nipple. This enables you create an even stronger bond with your baby, by helping them suckle.

      Natural experience

      98% nipple acceptance*

      When we asked mums how their little ones respond to our textured silicone nipples, on average 98% said that their baby accepts Philips Avent ultra soft and ultra air pacifiers.

      *2016-2017 US consumer tests show an average of 98% nipple acceptance of the textured Philips Avent teat used in our ultra air and ultra soft pacifiers. 

      Pregnancy+ app

      Meet the Pregnancy + app

      Want to see beautiful, interactive images for every week of pregnancy? Join more than 50 million users who already use this pregnancy app to follow their progress week by week.

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