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    Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump Premium

    Embrace every challenge,

    Love every moment.

    Number one brand recommended by Moms

    A New Era of Pumping for Mums

    Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump Premium

    Inspired by baby, effective for mum.

    Natural Motion Technology is inspired by baby’s natural suckling for quicker milk flow.*

    Philips Avent Electric Breast pump feature: One size soft & adaptive cushion
    One size soft and adaptive cushion
    fits 99.98% of mums (nipple sizes up to 30mm**)
    Philips Avent Electric Breast pump feature: Designed for upright pumping
    Designed for upright pumping
    thanks to no-lean forward design
    Philips Avent Electric Breast pump feature: 8 stimulation and 16 expression

    Personalise your settings 

    with 8 stimulation and 16 expression levels

    Philips Avent Electric Breast pump feature: Express discreetly

    Quiet motor

    for a discreet experience anywhere


    mother and care

    See our new electric breast pump in action

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    Learn how Natural Motion Technology helps you

    Give your breasts excellent care

    Having the right tools to soothe and protect your breasts makes it easier to stay comfortable and continue breastfeeding.

    Natural baby bottle
    Easily combine breast and bottle feeding


    If you’re switching between breast and bottle, it helps to make the experience feel as natural as possible for your baby. You can do this with a baby bottle that’s designed to look and feel like a breast, like our Natural baby bottle. It’s the most natural way for you, your partner, or other caregivers to bottle feed your baby.

    Learn about breastfeeding

    Your body is beautifully designed to breastfeed, but that doesn't mean you have to do it all alone. Feel more confident about breastfeeding by learning all the essentials — from how to prepare right through to handling bumps in the road.

    Parenthood. There is no guidebook, but there is a support crew


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    1Based on 2019 online satisfaction survey conducted among more than 8,000 female users of childcare brands and products in USA, Germany, France, UK, Russia, China and Italy.



    *Based on milk flow initiation time (time to Milk Ejection Reflex - MER) results from trial with 20 participants (Netherlands, 2019) compared to time to MER results for other Philips predecessor pump technology from

    Feasibility study with 9 participants (Netherlands, 2018).


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