DVD/VCR Player

Direct Dubbing DVP620VR/75


How to use Timer recording feature of a Philips player?

  1. Press VCR button, then press SYSTEM MENU button. The main menu will appear. 2. Press up/down arrow button to choose PROGRAM menu. Press OK button to select. The program menu will appear. 3. Press left/right arrow button to select PROGRAM NO.(1-8). 4. Press down arrow button to select MONTH option, then press left/right arrow button to choose the desired month. 5. Repeat the steps to set DAY, START, STOP, CHANNEL, SPEED & REPEAT. Cable Users: If you have cable TV and used a Cable Box in connecting to the player, you must set the channel to match the cable box output channel (usually 3 or 4). Select or change channels on the cable box instead of on the player.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVP620VR/75 .

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