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512MB* PSS120/00


How to convert music CDs into MP3 files with Musicmatch Jukebox?

  1. Launch Musicmatch� Jukebox on your computer 2. Click Copy from CD 3. Insert a commercial music CD into your computer?s CD ROM drive. CD lookup will attempt to add artist track and album names. If the ID3 tag information doesn?t appear, enter it manually. 4. Check the boxes next to each track you wish to record 5. Click the START button on the Recorder. MUSICMATCH� Jukebox will by default, create mp3 files at 128kbps and the recorded tracks will be automatically added to the My library. 6. Once the tracks are ripped (converted) into MP3 files, they are ready to be transferred onto the SHOQBOX

The information on this page applies to the following models: PSS120/00 , PSS110/00 .

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