Digital PhotoFrame

20.3cm (8") SPF4308/75


How to clean the screen of my Philips PhotoFrame?

Use a soft damp soft cloth to wipe the screen. For better results you can use an LCD/Plasma screen cleaner, for example Philips Screen Cleaner Plasma/LCD.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SPF4308/75 , SPH8408/75 , SPF2307/75 , SPF7010/10 , SPF2007/75 , 8FF3CME/75 , 6FF3FPW/75 , 7FF2FPAS/75 , 8FF3FPW/75 , 8FF3FPB/75 , 10FF2M4/75 , 7FF2FPA/75 , 9FF2M4/75 , 7FF1M4/75 , 7FF1AW/75 , 7FF1AW/37 . more less

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