DVD/SACD home theater system

Progressive Scan HTS5310S/75


How to use the Plug and Play feature on my Philips HTS?

  1. For first time setup, press TUNER. AUTO INSTALL PRESS PLAY appears. 2. Press PLAY? until START … or INSTALL TUNER appears on the display panel. 3. The system will start searching from FM band and followed by MW band. All the available radio stations with strong signal strength will be stored automatically. 4. Once complete, the last tuned radio station will play.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HTS5310S/75 , HTS3500S/75 , HTS3500S/98 , LX3900SA/75 , LX3600D/75 , LX3600D/69 . more less

Signal output(1)

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