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Bluetooth®, Guesture control, splash proof, Built-in microphone for calls, 8W, rechargeable battery SB7200/98


How to use my Philips speaker during a phone call?

It is possible to pair your Philips Bluetooth speaker with your mobile device. Before beginning, make sure: * The speaker is paired with your mobile phone

General information

If you want to use the Smart Sensor to end a call or receive a call, make sure the Smart Sensor is switched on. If not, press the button (indicated on the diagram) twice to switch it on. Tip: Check whether the Smart Sensor is switched on by swiping over it. It is on if there is an audio feedback when you swipe over it.

To make a call

Enter the phone number you want to call and press Call button on your mobile phone. A sound will be given from the speaker.

To receive/end a call

Move your hand towards the Smart Sensor.

To speak in a call

Speak towards the microphone of the speaker. Location of the built-in microphone is indicated below: Note: For some mobile phone models you need to select the speaker as the hand-free source.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SB7200/98 , SB7220/98 .

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