DailyDuo Stick vacuum cleaner

Cordless 2in1: stick&handheld, Bagless Cyclonic, 16.8V battery, 2-stage HEPA filtation FC6161/72


How to clean my DailyDuo handheld's dust compartment

Make sure you empty and clean the dust compartment regularly

Quick cleaning

  1. Press the nozzle release button and take the detachable nozzle off the appliance;
  2. Shake the contents of the dust compartment into a dustbin.

Thorough cleaning

  1. Hold the appliance over a dustbin, press the dust compartment release button and remove the dust compartment;
  2. Remove the filter unit from the dust compartment;
  3. Shake the dust compartment with your free hand to empty the contents into a dustbin;
  4. If necessary, clean the dust compartment with a damp cloth;
  5. If necessary, clean the filter unit;
  6. Put the filter unit back into the dust compartment;
  7. To reattach the dust compartment, align the slot on the dust compartment with the projection on the appliance; first attach the bottom of the dust compartment and then push the top of the dust compartment towards the appliance until it locks into place.
Thorough cleaning instructions

The information on this page applies to the following models: FC6161/72 .

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