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    How to clean my Philips PowerPro vacuum cleaner

    Cleaning your Philips PowerPro vacuum cleaner regularly helps to keep it in optimal condition. Discover how by reading along.

    Clean the inlet filters each time you empty the dust bucket

    Clean the filters regularly to ensure maximum suction power for your Philips PowerPro vacuum cleaner. Clean the inlet filter each time you empty the dust bucket. Depending on your model, the inlet filter is located either in the dust container or directly behind the dust bucket in the vacuum cleaner. You can clean the dust bucket with a moist cloth to remove the remaining dust.

    Clean the sponge filter every month with water

    Clean the sponge filter every month with water and dry for 24 hours.

    Sponge filter

    Filter cleaning

    1. Remove the dust bucket and empty in the dustbin / rubbish bin
    2. Take out the filter from the dust bucket or vacuum cleaner
    3. Remove the filter holder or (H)EPA filter and gently tap out the dust into your dustbin / rubbish bin; Never clean the (H)EPA filter with water
    4. Take the sponge filter and gently tap out the dust into your dustbin / rubbish bin
      Tip: we recommend you clean the filters outside to prevent dust from being spread in your (clean) house
    5. Put the filter back into the dust container or vacuum cleaner
    6. Replace the dust container; make sure the dust bucket is dry before replacing
    Cleaning the filter

    Sponge filter cleaning

    1. After gently tapping the dust out of the filter, clean the sponge filter in water, until all the dust is removed
    2. Let the sponge filter dry for at least 24 hours until all the moisture has gone
    3. Place the filter in the dust bucket or vacuum cleaner and make sure that it is locked again
    4. Place the dust bucket in the right position, make sure the dust bucket is dry before replacing
      Tip: Order an extra filter set so that you can exchange your filters during the wet cleaning procedure
    5. Type number CRP745 for PowerPro and PowerPro Expert series
    6. Type number FC8058 for PowerPro Active & PowerPro Compact series
    7. The filters of the PowerPro Ultimate series are lifetime filters. They do not need to be replaced. Therefore, we do not offer a replacement pack via the online shop. Please contact the consumer care centre in your country to order this filter

    Stores that sell Philips vacuum cleaners often also sell spare parts and accessories. Or, you can order them via a service centre.

    If you have any difficulties obtaining accessories for your vacuum cleaner, please contact the Philips Consumer Care Centre in your country.

    Sponge filter cleaning

    The information on this page applies to the following models: FC8671/01 .

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