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    How To Trim A Horseshoe Moustache

    Horseshoe moustaches are a classic look. A good horseshoe moustache is well-sculpted, trimmed, and maintained. The origin of the name is clear—it looks like a horseshoe—but it takes a little more knowledge to sculpt and maintain. It can easily become a different facial hair style by mistake - a Verdi beard, a ducktail beard, a Hulk Hogan beard, a Garibaldi beard, a handlebar moustache or a Dali moustache. These moustache styles are similar, but not quite the beard design or moustache style we’re going for.


    Shaping any distinct moustache style is often harder than you originally think. Fortunately, the horseshoe is a relatively simple shape. It’s perfect if you’re just starting to experiment with your facial hair and the different styles of beards you can grow and shape. It’s also a great choice if you know the short beard style you like. Another great thing about the horseshoe is that it’s friendly to most hair types. If you have thick, luscious hair or if you have thinner, longer hair, you’ll be able to shape your beard and moustache into the horseshoe design.


    Men’s fashion trends may come and go—remember when the mutton chop was the height of iconic street style? It’s time to return to a classic, masculine look so grab your beard trimmers and follow our grooming tips to create a moustache even Tom Selleck would be envious of. While best suited for square faces and strong jaw lines, the distinct handlebar moustache can lend a touch of the ol’ classic cowboy look to any face. Follow our shaving tips and achieve this classic moustache style.

    Man Trimming Horseshoe Moustache Instructional Video

    Step 1: Create an even beard length

    If you already have a full beard or facial hair in the relevant areas (moustache and either side of the mouth, down to the chin), trim it all down to 3-5mm. This means all the hair is the same length for when you start shaping the horseshoe. Keep it at a short to medium length.


    If you don’t have the right facial hair yet you will need to grow it out and let it be long enough to be trimmed down to 3-5mm.

    Step 2: Outline the Horseshoe

    Use a precision trimmer to outline the shape of your moustache. This means all the hair on the neck, along the jaw (get rid of that chin curtain), and on either side of where the tips of your horseshoe will sit. You don’t need to make it perfect and tidy at this point. This step is all about creating a rough outline you can make neater later. Use a clean razor blade for a controlled shape.


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    Step 3: Create the Horseshoe Shape

    Now you should have something that resembles a goatee style, so it’s time to create the hollow of the horseshoe. Carefully shave under your lower lip. Shave with light, gentle strokes. If you’re worried about shaving too much here, play it safe (though don’t let it turn into a Fu Manchu moustache). This is one of the most important parts of the horseshoe shape and you can always tidy it up later, but you can’t magically grow facial hair back. Do your best to keep it as symmetrical as possible and don’t make the handlebars too thin. The width is up to you but the general consensus is to leave it at least half a centimetre thick across.

    Step 4: Tidy it up with a clean shave

    If you weren’t as steady-handed as you wanted to be in step three, it’s time to tidy it up neatly. Use a shaving gel instead of a shaving foam or cream, use the clearest one you have. This can help you see the outline you’ve already created instead of it getting lost in the foam. Then clean shave your neck, jaw, and under your lower lip (get rid of that soul patch) to perfect the horseshoe shape. Use a beard balm or oil and a brushto help keep the moustache healthy and continue to promote hair growth. Finish it off by styling it with some moustache wax.

    Shaving is a hot bathroom or during the heat of the day can make razor burn worse. Try shaving in the evening to give irritable skin a chance to recover overnight.

    Step 5: Maintain the shape

    By now you should have your perfect horseshoe moustache. The trick now is keeping it that way. Shave the rest of your face as often as you like—clean or with a stubble beard. We recommend trimming around the moustache a few times a week. Keep in mind the clear, distinct shape of the horseshoe moustache as you shave and take your time if necessary.

    Keep in mind the clear, distinct shape of the horseshoe moustache as you shave and take your time if necessary.


    The horseshoe moustache may not be the lowest-maintenance facial hair design, but it isn’t too hard to sculpt when you have the right tools and the dedication. And always moisturise the area with face moisturiser when you’re done. To style the look, grab some moustache wax and keep the rest of your face cleanly shaven.

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