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    How To Shave Your Head

    Like being in charge of your own look? Of course you do. So why hand over your hairstyle to a stranger? Just give yourself a perfect haircut in the privacy of your own bathroom. If you’ve been thinking about shaving your head and have been wondering how to do it and where to start you’ve come to the right place. If you’re ready to take the plunge read on to learn the tricks of the trade. Save yourself the time, hassle and money it takes to visit the barber, not to mention cut down the time it takes to get ready and the hair products you use in the morning.


    How many times have you gone to the barber to get a tidy up for your hair only to notice they use the same or at least a similar tool to what you have at home? Shaving your head is one of the easiest haircuts to master, ask any barber or hair stylist. (If you have a more complicated look that involved trimming and styling, you might be better sticking with the professionals.)


    You’ll need electric hair clippers with adjustable lengths, this helps you create the shaved look that’s right for your head. Some people look better with slightly longer hair, others with a closer shave. You might even want a balding clipper to get really close.


    Shaving your head is a great solution if you’re experiencing or worried about hair loss or thinning hair—take it all in one fell swoop and reclaim being bald. If Bruce Willis can pull it off, so can you!


    We can help teach you how to shave your head with clippers in just five simple steps and have an option for a longer shave or a smooth shave. When you’re ready begin with step 1 below.

    Shave Head

    Step 1: Trim long hair first

    If your hair is too long for your hair clippers, be sure to trim your hair first. Long hair can get caught in electric clippers and you don’t want that to happen. You can also soften your hairs before you start shaving to further prevent catching and to make shaving easier. Use warm water to help soften the skin and make sure to check your head for any moles or bumps before you start shaving. If there are any you will need to be careful around these areas.

    Step 2: Start trimming your hair on a long setting

    Use the shaving creams or shaving gels you would regularly use when styling your beard or doing regular beard care. If you don’t have a beard, normal shaving gel will be fine. This will help protect your skin from irritation and make for a smoother shave.


    See more below ↓

    What you need

    Hairclipper series 5000 Washable hair clipper


    Fast even haircut

    Get an even haircut thanks to DualCut and Trim-n-Flow Pro technology. The new comb design prevents hair of any length from getting stuck in the comb, so you can finish your style in one go.

    See all benefits
    Suggested retail price: $89.95

    Step 3: Decide how much hair you want to shave

    If you wanted to leave your hair a little longer, you could stop shaving at this point and give yourself a trendy undercut or short back and sides as they’re traditionally known. You will likely still need a professional to help you keep the hair on the top of your head looking good. If you want to remove all your hair for a smooth, bald look, continue shaving the rest of your head.

    Step 4: Shave your head smooth

    Once you’ve decided how you want to shave your head and you’re used to the feeling of shaving your head, switch to the clipper length you want. You can taper the hair by using different lengths and creating a smooth gradient to create a look like the iconic buzz cut. (Slightly longer hair on top, almost clean shaven back and sides.) End each stroke upwards into the hair before using a longer length on the front and top.

    Step 5: Tidy up your neck and sideburns

    Finish off by clipping your sideburns short and trimming your neck hairs (the Philips do-it-yourself hair clipper has a 0.5mm setting for this, plus a handy head that swivels 180ᵒ to let you do any angle). Book regular appointments with your bathroom mirror to maintain your good looks.

    Make sure you know what hair style you want before you start, you can’t un-shave your head.


    Men’s grooming often puts a lot of attention on beards and facial hair styles. There’s plenty of styling to do on top of the head too! Make sure you look after your freshly shaved head. Massage in aftershave balm, healing hair products (not hair styling products), or appropriate oils to keep the skin and hair soft and soothed, and to keep the hair follicles healthy. If you have beard oils for your facial hair, they’ll work, and you know they won’t hurt your potentially sensitive skin. Also look out for ingrown hairs after a head shave. Check out our guide on how to reduce skin irritation after shaving for more info.

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