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    Allergy friendly quality tested by ECARF


    A clinical test carried out by ECARF, one of the world’s leading organizations in allergy research, has found that pollen allergy sufferers using Philips Air Purifier experienced significantly less symptoms of pollen allergy like sneezing, tears, eye redness, nose itching, skin itching and rhinorrhea by removing allergens from indoor air.

    1. Compared to standard ultrasonic technology (non warm mist), Philips NanoCloud technology emits up to 99% less natural bacteria into the air, as tested for 8 weeks in a 1m3 chamber, and certified in an independent laboratory benchmark study by Rabe HygieneConsult in June 2012 (Rabe Hygiene Consult 2101p_12.116).

    2. Independent third-party test Determination of deposition of minerals from liquid droplets on furniture according to DIN 44973, IUTA e.V. (Institut für Energie- und Umwelttechnik) (139/08 – 55955.00), December 2008, to determine mineral deposits onto furniture from airborne liquid droplets over a period of 3 hours. NanoCloud demonstrated negligible deposition of minerals, whereas ultrasonic devices produced depositions of droplets of salt solution near the devices.

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