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    The "iron ready" light of my Philips Steam Iron is blinking

    Published on 11 April 2024
    If your Philips Steam Iron's "iron ready" light is blinking, please read our troubleshooting advice below to solve this issue.

    Only applicable for the following models: Azur 8000 Series (DST80xx).

    The "iron ready" light will blink when the iron is heating up. It will become steady to indicate that the iron is ready for use.

    The "iron ready" light automatically turns blue or white to indicate the iron's temperature/steam state required based on what fabric is ironed.
    The "iron ready" light automatically turns blue to indicate that the iron is in the optimal state for certain fabrics like silk and polyester, as shown in the left-hand side of the image below.

    When the "iron ready" light turns white, as shown in the right-hand side of the image below, the iron is providing a higher temperature/more steam for other types of fabrics, for example cotton, linen and denim.

    In both of the cases mentioned above, this shows that the ActiveSense technology is working, and this is normal.

    The blue and white lights on your Philips Steam Iron
    Only applicable for the following models: Azur 8000 Series (DST80xx), Azur Elite (GC503x), Azur Advanced (GC493x), PerfectCare Azur (GC491x), PerfectCare Xpress (GC505x), Azur 7500 Series (GC75xx), Azur 7000 Series (GC70xx), Azur 4900 Series (GC49xx), selected Azur GC4500 series (GC4549, GC455x), PerfectCare Powerlife (GC392x), selected 5000 Series (DST5030, DST504x), selected 3000 Series (DST303x, DST3040), EasySpeed (GC1756, GC1758)

    The iron will shut off automatically when:
    • It remains still on its soleplate for a certain period of time (depending on the model this can be 2 minutes or 30 seconds — please refer to the user manual on the timing for your iron model);
    • or it stands still on its heel rest for 8 minutes.

    When the iron enters the Auto Shut-Off (ASO) state, the iron temperature will decrease and the "iron ready" light will start blinking non-stop until:
    • the iron is unplugged from the power socket/switched off completely,
    • the iron has been moved/shifted,
    • or the ironing session has been resumed.

    When the iron has been moved/shifted, it will start to heat up again. Once the "iron ready" light stops blinking and remains lit, the iron is ready to be used.

    If the above solutions did not help answer your questions, please contact us for further assistance.
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