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    My L'OR Barista Coffee Machine is making a loud noise while brewing

    Is your L'OR Barista coffee machine making more noise than usual? Use these possible causes and solutions to solve this issue yourself.

    Water tank not positioned correctly

    Make sure that the water tank is correctly placed onto the coffee machine.

    Water tank is empty

    Your L'OR Barista produces a louder humming sound when there is no water left in the water tank. Fill the water tank with fresh tap water.

    Air trapped in the water circuit

    When there is no water in the internal water circuit, the machine produces a humming sound. When the machine dispenses water, it produces less loud humming sounds. It could be that air is trapped in the water circuit. To solve this:

    1. Turn on the machine
    2. Remove the capsule from the capsule compartment
    3. Press the lungo button to fill the water circuit with water

    Once completed, insert a capsule and try again.

    Different capsule

    The L'OR Barista is designed for L'OR capsules. Other capsules might cause a difference in sound. This will not affect your coffee machine.

    Build-up of limescale

    The internal circuits might be clogged up with limescale, which could increase the sound that your coffee machine is making while brewing. Descale your coffee machine regularly to prevent this from happening. Note: The lungo and ristretto buttons flash after brewing to tell you it is time to descale your machine. You can find the descaling instructions in the Quick Start Guide that came with your L'OR Barista Coffee Machine, or use the video below.

    Did this not solve the issue? Please contact us for further help.

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