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    My Philips Airfryer does not heat up

    Updated on 2022-06-09

    If your Philips Airfryer is on but does not heat up, find out the reasons why and solutions below to simply solve this yourself.

    The temperature is set too low

    If you set your Airfryer to cook at 40°C (100°F) or below, then it may seem as though it is not heating up (especially when the temperature in the surrounding environment is similar to this). 

    Please check the temperature set on your Philips Airfryer and increase it if needed.

    No time has been set or the cooking time is too short (Analogue Airfryer)

    • Please turn your analogue timer to the desired cooking time. 
    • If your desired cooking time is under 10 minutes, please turn your timer to approx. 15 minutes and then turn it back to your desired shorter cooking time.
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    Drawer is not closed completely

    Please make sure your drawer is closed completely. If the drawer is not closed completely, the pan detection switch will not be deactivated and therefore the device will not start heating up.

    Device is not plugged in

    For analogue devices, it may be the case that the timer is ticking but the device is not heating up. In that case, please make sure that the plug of your Airfryer is correctly inserted into the socket.

    The heater is broken

    If the previous solutions do not solve the issue, then the heater of your Philips Airfryer might be broken. In this case, please contact us for a solution.

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