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    My Philips Stand Garment Steamer steams weakly or irregularly

    Published on 2021-07-04

    If you notice that the steam coming from your Philips Stand Garment Steamer is weak or irregular, there may be a simple solution. Read more below.

    When the steam setting is low, the steam output may seem weaker than expected. Please try choosing a higher steam setting.

    If your stand steamer is steaming weakly, then it needs to be descaled.

    To solve this, please descale it as follows:

    1) Switch off and unplug your stand steamer. Allow it to cool down for an hour.

    2) Bring the steamer to a sink.

    3) Locate the de-calc knob (you will find it on the lower area of the water tank).

    4) Turn the de-calc knob anti-clockwise to unlock it.

    5) Pull the de-calc knob out and let the water drain.

    6) Once all water is drained, push the de-calc knob back in and turn it clockwise to lock it.

    When your Philips Steamer’s hose is not straight (e.g. it forms a U-shape), steam cannot move freely and water condenses inside. This causes irregular output.

    To solve this, lift up the steamer’s head to straighten the hose. This will allow condensation to flow back into the water tank.

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