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    My Philips stand garment steamer produces a croaking sound

    Find out what could be causing a croaking sound coming from your Philips stand garment steamer below.

    The head or hose is horizontally positioned

    When the hose is horizontal, condensation in your steamer’s hose might not flow back into the tank. This can cause a croaking sound.

    In this case, please lift up the head of your stand steamer. This will allow condensation to flow back into the tank.

    The hose is forming a U shape

    Condensation might not be able to flow into the water tank if your stand steamer’s hose is forming a U shape. A croaking sound can be produced because of this.

    If this is the case, please re-position the hose, making sure it is straight, and lift up the head so condensation can flow back into the tank.

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