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    My Philips/Saeco espresso machine is leaking

    If you find that your Philips/Saeco espresso machine is leaking, there might be a few causes for this to happen. Below you will find a list of where you leakages could be found and how you can fix them:

    1. Is there water leaking into the drip tray?
    2. Is clear water leaking from underneath the machine or from the side of the machine?
    3. Do you see brown-ish water stains on your kitchen surface or underneath the machine?

    1. Water is leaking into the drip tray

    Even if you catch the rinsing water from the coffee spout in a cup, rinsing water will always end up in the drip tray. This is because the machine directly drains rinsing water into the drip tray of the automatic rinsing system to manage the rinsing of the circuits to ensure optimum performance of the machine.

    Automatic rinsing is performed when switching the machine ON and OFF, after brewing a drink or after using the milk frother.

    Due to this rinsing water, you may notice that there is always some water in the drip tray or that the drip tray fills up more quickly than expected. However, this does not indicate a machine leakage.

    Note: If the drip tray is full after brewing 2 cups of coffee or the drip tray fills up with water overnight, we advise you to contact us for further assistance.

    2. Clear water underneath the machine or water tank

    If you see clear water under the machine or beside the water tank, it is because the water tank has not been inserted into the machine correctly.

    To fix this, make sure that you push the water tank firmly into the machine by pushing it back fully.

    If the water tank is inserted correctly and clear water is still coming out from under the machine, please contact us for further assistance.

    3. Brown-ish water stains on the kitchen surface or underneath the machine

    There are two reasons why you may experience some water stains on the kitchen surface or under the machine:

    1. The drip tray was too full and water spilled out while it was being removed. To avoid this, empty and rinse the drip tray daily or whenever the drip tray is full and the red indicator pops up.
    2. When the drip tray is removed or pulled forward, a small amount of rinsing water from the brew group may fall on the kitchen surface underneath the right-hand side of the machine. We advise you to dry this area with a cloth weekly, but it is not a reason to worry about a leakage from your machine.

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