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    Universal remote control

    Guided setup via LCD display

    Your devices are more easily and quickly installed using the new SRU5150! The combination of an LCD display with guided information and a simplified quick start guide, ensure your remote is set up properly in no time! See all benefits

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Universal remote control

5 out of 9 AV devices SRU5150/86 Find similar products

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Guided setup via LCD display

Operates more than 1000 brands

  • Ergonomic shape enables comfortable control

    The smooth rounded shape fits perfectly in your hand for natural, balanced operation. It looks great too!

  • Easy to use grouped functions

    Easily grouped functions allows you to easily recognize the buttons you need to conrol a specific audio video device. All functions of the device are grouped together on the remote. Moreover the top part of the remote is made up of different colour parts (black, silver, aluminum, ...) as well as different key finishings (black, silver, mat, glossy, ...) to quickly identify which keys go together to control a specific audio video device.

  • LCD screen with backlighting for convenience in the dark

    Backlighting is a feature that illuminates the LCD screen or keypad for use in the dark. The two most common types of backlighting include LED and electroluminescent (EL). Remotes backlit with LEDs are typically bright but uneven with a yellow or green color, while EL panels are smooth with blue, white or green shades.

  • Battery low indication shows when to refresh batteries

    To know in time when the batteries need to be recharged or replaced.

  • Simplified quick start guide for fast guided setup

    Simplified quick start guide provides assistance in setting up a universal remote control. Instead of typing in 3- or 4-digit codes, an LCD screen is incorporated into the remote to guide you through the setup. Additionally, the quick start guide provides extra information to that displayed on the LCD screen for fast setup.

  • Convenient IR learning from another remote

    Learning functionality refers to the process through which a remote control captures and stores infrared signals from other remotes for later use. When device codes are not included in the on-board database, they can always be learned from the original remote, simply by pointing to it.

  • URC support service via dedicated website

    Dedicated support service for your remote control whereby all codes for all brands, are available via the Philips URC website.

  • 5 in 1 controller for your audio/video devices

    The universal remote control allows you to program and operate up to 5 devices from almost any brand. A universal database of infrared codes is incorporated to enable easy installation of your TV, TV combi, VCR, DVD, DVD recorder, satellite or digital terrestrial receiver, cable decoder, amplifier, Home theater system or receiver.

  • Easily add and label extra functionality

    Improved way of adding and labeling functions makes it easier and faster to add extra functionality. So, no more missing functions.

  • Batteries are included for unwrap-and-zap

    No extra batteries to buy, so you can use your new universal remote control straight out of the packaging!

  • Ready for use with Philips equipment

    If you have Philips equipment, you can use your universal remote control without programming it because all keys are pre-set for Philips.

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