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Wireless Extender



    Wireless Extender

    Designed by installers, built by Philips

    The wireless extender is a compact unit with four individually addressable IR outputs. It works straight out of the box, simplifying the integration of Pronto into a home network. Up to 16 extenders can be incorporated in one system.

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Designed by installers, built by Philips

  • No limitation in range with use of repeaters

    Standard WiFi repeaters or access points can be used to extend the range of the Pronto. In this way an easy and cost-effective full coverage can be guaranteed, regardless the size of the house.

  • Advanced connectivity: addressable IR ports

    Addressable IR ports enable control of the same type of devices in a rack independently (by the same extender). Typically this is the case with multiple set-top boxes to distribute content throughout the house. Every device is asigned its own dedicated IR port. As a result the device will only receive the IR codes that are intended for this device and not for any other. Without addressable IR codes, every device will always receive all sent-out IR codes.

  • Wired and/or wireless networked control

    Depending on the situation the extender can be used wired via ethernet for maximum reliability or wirelessly using WiFi for a flexible installation.

  • Unique Pronto protocol guarantees best-in-class control

    The Pronto system uses standard WiFi for wireless control but has added an additional smart protocol to guarantee a reliable and timely execution of IR codes and macros.

  • Smart feedback provides immediate system information

    The smart 2-way Pronto protocol regulates the commands that are sent from the Pronto control panel to the extenders. Each extender will acknowledge the execution and the user will be informed in case a command cannot be executed.

  • Emits IR codes up to 1MHz

    The powerful IR-circuit is capable of transmitting virtually any IR code. Where many remote control systems are limited to 125 kHz, the Pronto extenders can send IR-frequencies to up to 1 MHz.

  • Out-of-the-box stand-alone mode enables instant use

    The extender works out of the box in stand alone mode and requires no special settings. When encryption or fixed IP is desired, the internal web browser is available via a PC or laptop.

  • Compact table-top housing

    The compact and light-weight housing will fit anywhere and can easily be hidden behind equipment.

  • Smart feedback indicators for easy troubleshooting

    Colored LED's provide information about the system, such as ethernet or WiFi connections, busy status or execution of an IR, RS232 or relays command (RFX9600 only). Errors are also displayed, helping the user to do troubleshooting if necessary.

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