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    DreamWear Nasal Under the nose nasal mask



    The innovative design of DreamWear offers you the freedom and comfort to sleep in the way you would like.

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    DreamWear Nasal Under the nose nasal mask

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    DreamWear Nasal
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    DreamWear Nasal

    Under the nose nasal mask


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    Nasal mask with mask cushion underneath the nose

    • Under-the-nose nasal mask
    • 4 different cushion sizes
    • Includes frame and headgear
    Cushion under the nose

    Cushion under the nose

    The mask cushion lies gently under the nose, which helps to prevent pressure points on the bridge of the nose and unpleasant skin irritations on the nostrils.

    For a more natural sleep

    For a more natural sleep

    DreamWear combines the advantages of minimal contact masks and nasal masks, provides high comfort and can contribute to successful sleep therapy.

    Provides freedom of movement throughout the night

    Provides freedom of movement throughout the night

    The exhaled air is not discharged directly at the nose, but at the top of the head. This hose positioning allows for more freedom of movement throughout the night.

    Open field of vision

    Open field of vision

    Thanks to the open design, DreamWear offers an open field of vision, so you can easily wear glasses and read, watch TV or use a tablet PC in bed before going to sleep.

    Soft, flexible mask frame

    Soft, flexible mask frame

    The flexible material, through which the air flows, gently rests on the skin, prevents pressure points and provides a comfortable fit.

    Stability like never before

    Stability like never before

    With an innovative design that helps to reduce slippage, DreamWear headgear with arms delivers additional stability. The arms work the same way as arms on eye glasses by keeping the mask & headgear from moving when being used. 88% of DreamWear nasal users1 said our mask with the updated headgear was more stable than the original headgear.

    Innovative mask design for more freedom in sleep therapy

    The innovative design of DreamWear helps to prevent pressure sores and skin irritation on the nostrils and on the nose bridge, and allows the user, in addition to a clear field of vision, more freedom of movement through the hose connection on the head.

    More comfort with DreamWear

    Users said DreamWear was more comfortable to wear than their previously prescribed mask, as it is barely noticeable.

    Technical Specifications

    • Cleaning

      Hand wash with mild detergent
      Rinse thoroughly, hang or air dry
    • Product Details

      Silicone, Polycarbonate, Polyurethane foam, Spandex, Thermoplastic elastomer
      Materials not included
      Not made with natural rubber latex
      Length of Medium Frame
      20 inches
      Package contents
      Medium frame, S, M, L, and MW Cushions, Headgear w/ arms, Fabric Wraps
    • Innovative design

      Tube connection on top of head
      Gives freedom of movement
    • Freedom of movement

      Clear field of vision
      Individual sleep position
    • Design

      Easy to use
      Easy assembly and disassembly
      Reduces nasal irritation
      Back panel with crown strap
      Stays in place
      Non-slip headgear
      Quick release
      360° rotating elbow
    • Cleaning: Fabric wraps

      Hand wash with mild detergent
      Rinse thoroughly, hang to dry¹
    • Service

    • Replacement

      Inspect daily for wear
      Replace at first sign of wear

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    • *Source: Philips User Survey 2015
    • The costs of DreamWear are private and are usually not reimbursed by the statutory health insurance.
    • The scope of supply includes a standard mask frame (size M) and four cushions for all sizes (S, M, MW, L). The sleep therapy device is not included.


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