Steam generator iron


    Steam generator iron

    Ironing faster with 2 x more steam**

    Philips SpeedCare steam generator delivers more steam than a steam iron, it helps you speed up ironing. Enjoy more quality time of the reduced ironing time with your loved family by using Philips SpeedCare steam generator iron. See all benefits

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Steam generator iron

Max 4 bar pump pressure, 1.2 L fixed watertank GC6602/20 Find similar products

Ironing faster with 2 x more steam**

  • Ready to use in 2 minutes with unlimited refill

    Steam is ready to use in 2min and can be refilled at anytime during ironing.

  • 1.2 L water tank and refill anytime during ironing

    SpeedCare steam generator has 1.2 L water tank capacity to allow your iron more than 1 hour, it helps you reduce the frequecy of refilling everytime for the big laundry loads. The technology will also allow you refill the water tank during ironing without cooling down the appliance for 2 hours waiting to reill.

  • Triple precision tip for optimal control and visibility

    The tip of this Philips iron is precise in 3 ways: it has a pointed tip, button groove and a sleek design of the nose. Triple Precision tip enables you to reach even into the most tricky areas, e.g. around the buttons or between the pleats.

  • Non-stick soleplate coating

    The soleplate of your Philips iron is coated with a special non-stick layer for good gliding performance on all fabrics.

  • Max 4 bar pump pressure

    The more steam, the faster the ironing.  Consistent powerful steam is generated which penetrates deep inside the garments making ironing faster and better. Steam power can be regulated to fit your needs.

  • Compact size and light weight for easy storage

    Thanks to the revolutionnary ProVelocity technology, we made your steam generator iron more compact than ever before. The compact steam generator fits easily on your ironing board making your ironing more convenient. In addition, your steam generator takes much less storage space.

  • Smart Calc clean system with sound&light Calc Clean reminder

    Smart Calc Clean system is an intergrated descaling and cleaning fuction to protect your steam generator iron. After each about 10 hour ironing, you will be reminded by the soud and light of your steam genreator iron to perform calc clean process. The Calc Clean Container will provide you the convenience during the Calc Clean process, by just resting your iron on the container without holding your iron to stress your waist. After cleaning process, all the dirty water is collected in the container, your steam generator iron is ready to use again.

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  • Compared to Philips steam iron EasySpeed

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