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    Experience your iPod on TV

    Enjoy your iPod like never before - on your HDTV! Sit back and easily navigate iPod music and videos on your TV with the included remote. Upscale digital video up to 1080i via HDMI to your high-definition TV for the ultimate iPod experience See all benefits

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Experience your iPod on TV

with high-definition performance

  • Secure and convenient charging dock for iPod

    Conveniently charge your iPod in the secure and discreet dock. Your iPod will continue to charge while docked, whether or not it is playing music.

  • iPod dock with high-definition performance

    The iPod dock features high-definition menus and HDMI connectivity so you can easily connect your iPod to your HDTV. This allows you to navigate and view your iPod music and videos in unbelievable quality.

  • Intuitive user interface for easy iPod navigation

    The user interface graphically represents the categories of content on your docked iPod so you can intuitively navigate your iPod music, videos and more on your TV screen. For the most complete iPod experience on TV, the interface includes existing iPod Album Art.

  • Multi-national plugs included

    The set of multi-national plug adapters make it easy to change the type of outlet you can connect the device to - essential and convenient when you are traveling to countries with different types of wall outlets.

  • Multiple connection options

    Whether you have a high-definition TV and home stereo system, or a standard TV, there are plenty of connection options available to enjoy your docked iPod. Featuring HDMI, S-Video, Composite Video, Digital Audio and RCA Audio for multiple connectivity configurations.

  • RF technology to control music playback from afar

    The remote control uses radio frequencies to transmit signals to the stereo, allowing you to control playback from the comfort of your couch, and even from room to room.

  • Upscales digital video up to 1080i via HDMI

    HDMI is a direct digital connection that carries digital high definition resolution video as well as digital audio. The connection allows for transmission from a source device to a TV without the loss of image quality. With video upscaling, the resolution of standard definition video signals can be increased to resolutions up to 1080i. This results in a sharper, more true-to-life picture.

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