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docking entertainment system

    docking entertainment system

    Music system for business executives

    Philips docking entertainment system DC350 plays music from iPhone/iPod and radio. It features a dock for iPhone/iPod to sync music, calendar and to-do lists from PC. Bluetooth® receiver allows hands-free mobile call or music streaming.

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Music system for business executives

Docking station to sync and play

  • Bluetooth for hands-free calls

    Bluetooth for hands-free calls

    All Philips In-car units featuring Bluetooth are equipped with a built-in Bluetooth module for hands-free phone calls and music streaming from Bluetooth-enabled phones and audio devices. The pairing process is as easy as setting up typical Bluetooth headsets. You can transfer your phone contacts and save your favorite phonebook on the system. You can also easily switch your calls back to your phone for private conversations. With Bluetooth, you can pick up calls without hassle and drive safely with both hands on the wheel.

  • Dual alarm time

    Dual alarm time

    The Philips audio system comes with two alarm times. Set one alarm time to wake you up and the other to wake up your partner.

  • Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone

    Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone
  • Enjoy music from multiple sources

    Enjoy music from multiple sources
  • iPhone, iPod, radio and MP3-link

    iPhone, iPod, radio and MP3-link
  • Charge your iPod and iPhone

    Enjoy your favorite MP3 music while charging your iPod/iPhone! The dock lets you connect your portable device directly to your Philips player so you can listen to your favorite music in superb sound. It also charges your iPod/iPhone while it plays so you can enjoy your music and not have to worry about your portable player battery running out. Use the remote control to navigate, select and playback the music stored on your iPod/iPhone. The Philips player automattically charges your portable device while it is docked.

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  • iPhone is required in order to use the speaker phone functionalities

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