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    Reverse Osmosis purification Aquaporin Inside™ RO Filter Cartridge


    Biomimetic membrane for safer drinking water

    The biomimetic membrane incorporates aquaporin proteins to filter water faster and more energy-efficient. Replacement cartridge for Philips Water Stations ADD6920BK/79, ADD6921DG/79 and ADD6922DG/79.

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    Reverse Osmosis purification Aquaporin Inside™ RO Filter Cartridge

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    Reverse Osmosis purification
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    Reverse Osmosis purification

    Aquaporin Inside™ RO Filter Cartridge


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    Biomimetic membrane for safer drinking water

    Removes 110* harmful substances

    • Reverse Osmosis with Aquaporin Inside™
    • 6-layer filter with remineraliser technology
    • PFOA and Fluoride reduction rate >99%*
    • Bacteria and Viruses reduction rate >99.999%*
    • Tested for 2000L purifying excellence
    6-layer All-in-One Filter Cartridge with Aquaporin Inside™

    6-layer All-in-One Filter Cartridge with Aquaporin Inside™

    Multi-stage purification system: 1 - Polypropylene 2 - Activated Carbon 3 - Polypropylene 4 - RO membrane with Aquaporin Inside™ 5 - Activated Carbon 6 - Adding Minerals The filtration system can effectively remove 110 kinds of harmful substances down to 0.0001 micron*. Providing you cleaner and fresher tasting water.

    Aquaporin Inside™ Reverse Osmosis

    Aquaporin Inside™ Reverse Osmosis

    Harnessing the power of nature. The biomimetic Reverse Osmosis membrane incorporates aquaporin proteins to replicate natures own water filtration process and filters water faster and better than ever before. Aquaporin Inside™ Reverse Osmosis filtration technology is developed by Aquaporin A/S (Denmark) in collaboration with NASA and ESA for aerospace activities. This partnership highlights the level of technical innovation, performance and durability.

    Mineralization technology

    Mineralization technology

    RO purified water lack minerals after filtering through the membrane. The best way to reach your mineral intake goals is through a balanced diet that includes necessary nutrients. To improve the taste of RO water, the remineralization technology in the ADD583 filter cartridge enhances the purified water with approx 0.2 mg/l strontium minerals (this is lower than the health reference level provided by the US Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] of 1.5 mg/l or the lifetime health advisory or 4 mg/L for strontium levels in drinking water).

    Excellent filtration efficiency

    Excellent filtration efficiency

    The Philips Quick Twist multi stage RO filter with Aquaporin Inside™ technology is extremely efficient: only 1 volume waste water is created when 3 volumes purified water are produced (drain ratio 3:1). Traditional RO systems produce 12 volumes of waste water for 3 volumes of purified water (drain ration 1:4). Great when water sources are scarce!

    Technical Specifications

    • Filter specifications

      Main filter media
      Filtration capacity
    • General specifications

      gross weight
      1.1  kg
      net weight
      0.8  kg
      Filter quantity
      Packaging Dimension(L)*(W)*(H)
      125*125*39  mm
    • Main parameters

      Applicable water temperature
      5-38  °C
      Rated water flow
      0.2  l/min

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    • * Tested by 3rd party testing agency under laboratory conditions. The contaminants or other substances reduced by this water filter are not necessarily in all users' water.

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