LCD widescreen monitor

    LCD widescreen monitor

    the smart way to boost productivity

    Productivity pays: Look to the Philips 230W5 with SmartManage - remote, LAN-based monitor management - for professional motion picture, video, CD and DVD post production work that demands a big, wide screen, PiP and input source variety. See all benefits


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LCD widescreen monitor

58 cm (23"), WUXGA 230W5VS/00 Find similar products

the smart way to boost productivity

  • Fast response time for great display of moving images

    Fast response time for great display of moving images

    Response time measures signal reaction speed in milliseconds. On/off response time measures the time required for the screen to turn from completely white to completely black and vice versa. Fast on/off response time improves display of text. Gray-to-grey response time measures the average time of transition between several sets of random gray levels - Lower numbers mean faster transitions. Faster is better because a fast response time eliminates visible image artifacts that could dampen your experience when viewing fast moving images or objects.

  • Dual input accepts both analog VGA and digital DVI signals

    Dual input accepts both analog VGA and digital DVI signals

    Dual input provides connectors to accommodate input of both analog VGA and digital DVI signals.

  • WUXGA, wide format 1920x1200 resolution for sharper display

    Wide format of Ultra Extended Graphics Array, a display specification that is capable of displaying 1920 x 1200 resolution, or approximately 2.3 million pixels.

  • Widest viewing angle up to 176 degrees

    The widest viewing angle up to 176 degree provides the clearest display from any angle.

  • SmartManage compatibility enables LAN-based asset management

    SmartManage is a system for monitoring, managing and checking status of display devices as well as delivering remote support to users who experience difficulties - all accomplished over a LAN.

  • Big, widescreen ideal for viewing two A4 pages side-by-side

    A big, widescreen display that improves productivity by displaying two A4 pages side-by-side.

  • Display more images and content without scrolling

    Viewing area is the visible portion of a monitor screen available for displaying data.

  • Easy to access connections on a front to improve efficiency

    A USB 2.0 hub and an universal card reader (UCR) located on the front side of monitor for convenient and efficient access.

  • Tilt and swivel adjustment for an ideal viewing angle

    Screen tilt and swivel is a mechanism built into the base permits the monitor to swivel and tilt backward or forward.

  • A solid-state 6-in-1 card reader for easy media access

    A UCR is a device that reads data from portable media and transfers data to PC. It reads data from SD/MMC, Memory Stick, Smart Media and two types of Compact Flash memory cards without an additional peripheral.

  • Built-in high-speed USB 2.0 solution for easy connections

    The universal serial bus or USB is a standard protocol for linking PCs and peripherals. Because it delivers high speed at a low cost, USB has become the most popular method for connecting peripheral devices to a computer. By placing a USB 2.0 solution in a monitor, Philips provides a conveniently located, easy-to-use, high-speed USB connection for reading, writing, loading and transferring programs, data, digital media or music files to, from or among your PC and one or more USB devices.

  • Display from multiple video sources:YPbPr, S-Video, and CVBS

    Plugs to accomodate signal input from a variety of sources

  • PiP allows watching a second source simultaneously

    Provides the ability to watch simultaneously two different sources, either two video sources or a combination with data/graphics

  • Built-in speakers with output power up to 3Wx2 (48W PMPO)

    A pair of high quality speakers with output power up to 3W x 2 (maximum) and 48W PMPO built into the stylish design to provide users the rich sound applications - without the cost and clutter of standalone speakers

  • Easy plug-and-play DVI for a true digital experience

    A DVI cable is shipped with the product to provide high quality digital display.

  • Embedded power supply eliminates external power adaptors

    An embedded power supply is a power adaptor built into the body of a display device that replaces a bulky external power adaptor.

  • VESA mounting pattern for easy wall mounting of display

    A unified industry standard for wall mounting IT equipment set by the Video Electronics Standards Association.

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