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    Ultinon moto LED Motorcycle headlight bulb


    Light the way, enjoy the freedom

    Philips Ultinon moto LED bulbs are specifically designed for compact two-wheeler optics. Get more visibility ahead of you thanks to the brighter and wider glare-free beam. Stand out from the crowd with a stylish whiter headlight.

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    Ultinon moto LED Motorcycle headlight bulb

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    Ultinon moto LED
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    Ultinon moto LED

    Motorcycle headlight bulb


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    Light the way, enjoy the freedom

    Stylish LED performance

    • LED-HL [~H4]
    • 6000 K bright white light
    • Pack of: 1
    • Compact design for easy fit
    Expect long-lasting performance, not early failure

    Expect long-lasting performance, not early failure

    You want bright white LED lights for that modern look. But some people who opt for new LED lights are disappointed with their experience. This is usually because the claimed heat management performance does not tally up with real world conditions. In other words, they have bought inferior products that fail too quickly. Philips Ultinon Essential LED products are durable and reliable, lasting up to five years under real-life conditions.

    Enhanced beam for brighter light ahead

    For enhanced safety and perfect style, choose high-performance Philips Ultinon moto LED with a wider beam and brighter light for more visibility ahead of you. The uniform and accurate beam pattern allow you to see well and be seen for your safety.

    Sharp white light of up to 6000 Kelvin

    For that modern high-end look, customize your motorcycle with Ultinon moto LED headlights. With a color temperature of 6000 Kelvin, these lights project a trendy, white light. Stand out from the crowd with a stylish beam.

    Make sure to be noticed by other drivers for enhanced safety

    Being seen is just as important for your safety on a motorbike as seeing well. With a powerful beam and sharp white light of up to 6000 Kelvin, you will be noticed early by the vehicles around you. This can help you avoid dangerous situations that so many motorcyclists experience everyday. See and be seen, a key objective for our Philips automotive lighting portfolio.

    See more and avoid dangerous glare with a precise beam

    Thanks to the precise optical design of Philips Ultinon moto LED, the light will be projected just where you need it. Not only will you be able to spot obstacles faster and ride with more confidence, you’ll avoid blinding other drivers with dangerous glare (making everyone safer). For a sharp beam, it’s also important that the bulb is correctly positioned in your headlamp.

    Compact design for quick and simple installation

    The compact design of the Ultinon moto LED bulbs make installation simple. Even in the smallest two-wheeler headlamps, you’ll have space to fit these bulbs. Thanks to the integrated driver box, you can fit your new LED lights in two-wheelers where other products would be too bulky.

    Water resistance IP65 and vibration resistance up to 10G

    In daily life, bulbs face a challenging assignment in your motorbuke. Philips Ultinon moto LED is coping with up to 10G, performing reliably even under high vibration. Resistant to water and dust ingress and certified IP65, your LED lights will be durable and so you can avoid frequent changes. Enjoy riding your bike, not servicing it!

    Highest quality Philips automotive lighting

    Technologically advanced Philips lighting is renowned in the automotive industry, and has been for over 100 years. The Philips Automotive Grade Quality products are designed and developed following strict quality control processes (including applicable ISO norms), leading to consistently high production standards. Major vehicle manufacturers choose Philips lamps, because when you buy Philips, you buy quality. You get powerful bright light, and precise beam performance. You get high-end style. And you get to enjoy a safer and smoother ride.

    Technical Specifications

    • Marketing specifications

      Expected benefits
      LED moto performance
      Product highlight
      LED moto performance
    • Product description

      • High beam
      • Low beam
      LED-HL [˜H4]
      Homologation ECE
      • Ultinon moto
      • Ultinon moto LED
      LED-HL [~H4]
    • Lifetime

      Life time
      5 years
    • Light characteristics

      Color temperature
      6000  K
    • Electrical characteristics

      17  W
      12  V
    • Ordering information

      Order entry
      Ordering code
    • Packaging Data

      Packaging type
    • Packed product information

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