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    How to bottle feed your baby? - Guide to Bottle Feeding

    Bottle warmers and sterilizers

    Like many great things in life, efficiency doesn’t just happen—you have to plan for it! If you’re a bottle feeding parent, this guide shows you how to keep things clutter and fuss-free: from how much gear you actually need, to nifty ways to prepare and serve a feed.

    What are the essentials?

    Let’s begin with the basics. How many baby bottles do you actually need? And what about accessories?


    An ideal starting point is:


    • Six baby bottles with teats and caps

    • Bottle brush

    • Breast pump (if you’re expressing)
    • Baby bottle sterilizing and warming equipment


    The size of bottle you need will depend on your baby’s age, as will the flow of the teat, so look for the age indication on the pack. We recommend changing teats every 3 months.


    Also remember to take into account other caregivers. Many moms find it handy to have a few extra bottles on hand for those times when someone else is bottle feeding away from home.


    Simple ways to prepare and serve a feed

    Here are some ways you can keep the preparation side of your baby’s feeds quick and easy.


    • Label milk storage containers so it’s easy to know what expires when
    • Know your milk storage rules to avoid wasting any milk
    • If you’re on the go, use microwave steam sterilizer bags to save on handbag space (ours can be reused 20 times)
    • Cut back on kitchen clutter and effort with a baby bottle electric steam sterilizer
    • Use your baby bottle sterilizer to sterilize pacifiers, breast pumps and teething rings too
    • Save on effort and preserve the quality of your milk by using a baby bottle warmer to defrost and warm it gently and evenly
    • Warm only as much milk as your baby needs to avoid waste
    • Get the whole family in on bottle feeding. They get to bond, and mom can put her feet up!


    Want to know more about our bottle warmers and sterilizers? Click here to explore the range.

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